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I'm simply just a player in Maryland who's desire is just to become a better player. As the days flew by and time had wound down. I carefully studied my character's in's and out's whilst preparing for the events to come. Generally people know me as "YinCrescent" or by my gag name "The Worst Kokoro". I spent my time training casually on Tuesdays and Thursday with players around my area. Those of which being Mr. Wah , Alithical, Millie_Andretti, SonicNiGHTS (KokoraZone), TakeshiRyota, HitomiKuma, CookingMama, VirtuaKazama, and X Zero. But there was also an unexpected guest who appeared from New York, and that would be none other than Rikuto himself.

I went to go play casuals on a tuesday night while he was at Mr.Wah's house. Oddly enough I'm surprised at how I held up against him. It took me a while to adjust myself because I had no idea how to approach his Bayman. After several matches I went home to study up. Summer Jam X had already started but DOA's event wasn't until so we had a bit more time to practice before we headed out. On friday (19th) I checked my pool assignment to see who was there. Oddly enough SonicNiGHTS (KokoraZone) was with me in my pool. But there was also two other players in there that gave me an instant red flag SonicFox and Nashfan. I wasn't too worried but I looked forward to the possible encounter we could have instead of complaining or having a negative state of mind.

Later it was finally time... The long agonizing moment I've been waiting for was finally here. that evening around 6PM we all made our Journey en route to Essington, Pennsylvania. I stuffed myself in the back of Alithical's RAV4 along with Millie, Sonic, and HitomiKuma. During the drive we passed by...
Battle Royal Summer Jam X Results
Congrats are in order to @XcaliburBladeZ for not only winning Summer Jam X; but also for winning yet another chapter in the 2016 Team NINJA Battle Royal. If you missed SJX live why not stream it right now via Team Sp00ky's Channel? The event starts 3h15m into the video link provided.

Top 8 started exactly how I wanted it: no Kasumi, no Phase 4 -- and no Christie. In the refreshing startup matchup we see @Jaegar and his seasoned Rig take on the mid-boss himself @Rikuto. I think the community needed to see a match-up like this because many don't get to see a Bayman perform to this calibur, and Jaegar is a player that's very good at maximizing his damage against heavy fighters.

This had to have been a very interesting Summer Jam experience for long-time player @Blackburry because not only did an unfortunate reset bury his momentum in a fight he was largely in control of, but before he even got to that he had to get through a very feisty and ready @LordXav1er matching the personality of his character Hitomi to a tee.

Despite seeing the Kasumi and Phase 4 matchup a lot... the community was incredibly impressed with the match between Shade and Kwiggle. They showed the importance of keeping the stage alive with incredible environmental awareness. As Matt Ponton said on commentary, you have to always keep the level in mind just as much as your opponent and chosen character. Despite not going to as many tournaments as usual, Shade impressed me showing no nerves, and good control of his main.

Grand Finals was good, but I've come to expect this Christie and Eliot matchup a lot at offline tournaments. I was hoping to see something new and exciting from Kwiggles and Bladez, but they took the safe route for this tournament and BladeZ won and also avoided a reset from Kwiggle. Though I am not saying the event was a let-down -- there were fantastic matches, a few...
Battle Royal Summer Jam X Streaming
Summer Jam 2016 Stream

Summer Jam is one our staple tournaments as it turned a lot of us to the possibility of DOA5 being taken seriously in the competitive offline scene... almost four years later we are still getting it done in DOA5. This tournament is part of Team NINJA's Battle Royal so expect to see the best possible matches from the community!

Thank you nycfurby for streaming this event for us, BigEGaming for being an awesome host the fourth year in a row -- and to Team NINJA for making this 2016 Battle Royal happen.
Dunno if this is old tech or not. I know Rojikku found a cool teleport home combo for Hayate, but I'm gonna leave this here in case if it hasn't been found yet. Thoughts?
In DOA5LR, you can lie on the floor in 4 different ways:
- face up+feet to foe
- face down+head to foe
- face down+feet to foe
- face up+head to foe

During those 4 ways, every character (with the exception of Alpha-152) can universally Rise in 5 directions.
- invulnerable to Ground Strikes
- unable to cancel into Rising Kicks
- Alpha-152 has only access to Back Rises
- unable to use on Tech Rolls
- unable to use on Tech Rolls
- fastest way to rise
- default choice when the player doesn't do anything to Rise
- Up and Down versions share the same properties
- they have "Sidestep Evade" status from frame 1 to 18
- even though Side Rises are not Ground Strike invincible, they are still capable of avoiding Ground Strikes because of how it makes characters go off-axis
- Down is the default choice for Tech Rolls when no direction has been specified by the player

Here's an animated picture of the duration of every "universal Rising animation", expressed in frames.

The opponent is on the left in every picture.
Alpha-152 can only Back Rise. Her Rise always lasts for 41 frames.
The "standard" Tech Roll animation (the one caused by Tech Rolling Ein's 236P) lasts 39 frames.
The above image's frame data remains true for Tech Rolls.​

RECOVERY ON = the dummy will choose where to rise randomly at each knockdown. In case of a hard knockdown (inability to Tech Roll an attack that knocks you down), it will follow the rules of RECOVERY OFF
RECOVERY OFF = the dummy will always neutral rise one frame earlier than a player possibly could (also applies to Alpha-152). Yes, the dummy cheats the system. Additionally, for a player, rising up at his first possible frame by hand requires a frame perfect timing, which is impossible to trigger consistently
RECOVERY RANDOM = the dummy will choose between ON and OFF randomly at each knockdown...
UPDATE: We're going to start the event later so that you guys can have some more beauty sleep. Consoles will be available for casuals at 11am. Event starts at 12pm.

All FIGHTERS must check in by 11:30am.

We're excited to be a part of Battle Royal 2016, and we have a lot of awesome things we're working on to make this event unforgettable. And, oh yeah -- $1000 POT BONUS!

This year we've shifted from being simply being a tournament to our first stages as a true gaming festival. Our goal is to provide an experience in which fighting game fans can join and celebrate not only each other & the games they play, but also work toward a good cause as well. With that in mind we're proud to announce that this year's Cali Crush Gaming Festival will also be a charity fundraiser for Child's Play - a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters through the generosity and kindness of the video game industry and the power of play. We're thrilled to have them on board!

A portion of all entrance fees will go toward the charity and we will be collecting donations from this day all the way through the event in order to give as much as possible to Child's Play. Head to the website to donate. Child's Play donations go completely and directly to Child's Play.

Some of the West Coast's best will be battling head to head in a series of exhibitions to provide entertainment and help raise money for our charity, Child's Play!

Our DOA5LR FT10 matchup will be...

@CrayCraySteady vs. @iHajinShinobi

Tournament rules as follows:

PS4 Consoles
Wired Controllers Only
  • 3/5 rounds for all rounds
  • Double Elminination
  • Normal Life Setting
  • 60 Second Time Limit
  • Danger Zones are on
  • Random stage select, Dojo...
Big E Gaming is hosting Summer Jam X next month! Remember that Dead or Alive 5: Last Round registration is free again for the second year in a row and is a part of Team NINJA's 2016 Battle Royal. The competition will definitely be there. Expect to see Hoodless, Black Burry, Rojikku, Jaegar, ZakkuRye, Gruff, RaikaSnow and more long time players.

Pre-Register for this offline event today!
When a studio like Team NINJA makes a high quality game like Dead or Alive 5, it's natural to want more, but is it a little too soon to be expecting another game? Evidence would say yes, as some from the dev team have questioned if DOA6 would even come out and with Mai coming to the game in two months, and with about six months left of planned Battle Royal events why would it be announced or even hinted this year?

In the 90s, I primarily played video games on the Nintendo 64... a console that people point out is severly lacking in games, but to me that never really mattered much because of the quality of the games I was playing. I had a triple A game in every genre and I couldn't wait to play them again so it's hard for me to understand this new generation of gamers that see games as so disposable, because the way I see it DOA5's lifespan is as long as the community keeps playing it.

Hype can sometimes carry a lot of the market now, and if you observe the market you will see that hype dies fast. I am already finding XBOX ONE and PS4 games like Fallout 4 for $5 at garage sales... which makes games appear as more trendy than something you could dedicate real time and enjoyment to. Of course I played games in a time where DLC wasn't 90% of the retail game market value on average. You didn't get updates, and you didn't get DLC, but yet Goldeneye didn't start collecting any dust on my shelf for a long, long time... and I didn't dare give it away at a yard sale.

Dead or Alive 5 has already almost been around for three years, and it's still active today. This reminds me of how I perceived games in the 90s. There are new things to learn constantly, you had intimate experiences with other people and made connections. Just watching the Dead or Alive Festival blew my expectations after thinking what more could actually happen at tournaments that I haven't see before. These players were playing in different ways and more intelligently than I think I've seen before. I...

Dead or Alive Festival was a killer event that not only delivered one of the finest fighting tournaments the FGC has ever seen, but also revealed the addition of Mai (from Fatal Fury and KoF) to the Dead or Alive roster. I believe it was very exciting to any of the community skeptics who thought the reveal may only be a few costumes and a new stage.

In this excellent article written by Christian Bahn we get to hear more from the often-times quiet, Creative Director of Team NINJA, Tom Lee -- who has quite a bit to say not just about crossovers, but the community as well. The Virtua Fighter crossover was the blueprint of success, not only because the characters transitioned well into the DOA universe, but because it made sense. Now that Team NINJA has proven they can successfully do crossovers well, it is without any doubt in my mind Mai will help breath fresh life into a game for the older players looking for something new, and a new audience of KoF players... especially to those that enjoyed Maximum Impact.

Tom Lee knows the DOA community like the back of his head, and he knows the recommendations that people make on Twitter, and he knows that it is impossible to please every last fan... not everyone loved the Virtua Fighter crossover, but the tournament showing of the characters and popularity still has proven enough to Team NINJA to keep the trend going. Though I also believe "trolls" have there place in the community. A lot of them are typically shammed, even if their passion is very clear and often times misinterpreted.

I believe that both the community and Team NINJA is doing great working as a team with plenty of content from Team NINJA and plenty of studious players dissecting and processing it all. Let's...

The Dead or Alive Festival may have come and gone, but the 20th Anniversary of DOA continues all throughout the course of 2016. This time, the main focus is based on a DOA movie that is also celebrating an anniversary this year.

That movie is DOA: Dead or Alive.

Released on September 7, 2006, DOA: Dead or Alive was directed by Corey Yuen. Yuen is known for his work such as Lethal Weapon 4, X-Men, The Expendables, and several martial art films throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and today. He was also a member of the Seven Little Fortunes, along with Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao.

DOA: Dead or Alive featured a well-rounded cast, such as Devon Aoki as Kasumi, Jamie Pressly as Tina, Sarah Carter as Helena, Holly Valance as Christie, Natassia Malthe as Ayane, Kevin Nash as Bass, Kane Kosugi as Ryu Hayabusa, and more.

Action A Go-Go compiled this nice write-up about the film, praising Yuen for his work. If you want to read it, click on the link below to check it out.

DOA: Dead or Alive Film - Action A Go-Go

While you are at it, here's the trailer for the film.