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NEC is always a competitive tournament and has been a community event staple since 2012 for the offline DOA community. This year we are going to get things started with an amazing exhibition that could possibly lay some ground for what will happen tomorrow in pools.

If you take a quick look at the pools, you will see why @LordXav1er said they are "stacked." Pool 1 has an interesting setup that almost replicates pools from last year. Most players would probably see @E-Mann or @Kwiggle as the pool veterans as E-Mann was second place at this event last year, and Kwiggle has cleaned up at both Battle Royals. @shazzmatazzles is also showing up in pool 1 and she did some major damage to Emann last year in a very good match, so I'm hoping to see an interesting follow up to that.

@ebabil Guney will also be competing in pool 1. He is one of the several International killers, and he won at BAM8; a major in Australia to advance to NEC 17. As proven in his defensive and calculated matches with Pro @Berzerk! he will not go down easy in the pools.

@hollow (Kasumi/P4/Alpha), @Black Moon Rising (Lei Fang), @Rambro (Mila), @Ozone (Hayabusa) all bring a certain level of diversity and ferociousness to the table. Most all of them have caused upsets, but they all have unique styles so it's hard to predict who will come out on...
Would you like to write your own prediction post on who you think will win NEC 17? Be sure to comment as I plan to follow up this post with other opinions. This is obviously for fun and to hype the upcoming event. Any rude or suggestive comments to other players will not be tolerated.

If you have been watching the offline scene since 2012, you have got to be impressed with BladeZ on some level. Not because of his win streaks but because of his care and studious nature. He also has the ability to take up many surprise characters: such as Alpha at NEC 13, or beating Master with Momiji at TFC -- and how about the Eliot victories at Summer Jam? A character people thought would never have a chance at offline events taking out Kwiggle? No way!

Sweet Revenge stepped his game up after this match, big time.

Bladez is also someone that's known for his shenanigans and tricks as displayed in Sweet Revenge vs. Bladez at TFC 13. He goes beyond just knowing the frame data, and the guarantees which is evident from a character like Alpha. BladeZ also brings the best out of people because he studies them. After this match Sweet Revenge brought on the longest tournament win streak the community has seen -- and I think part of that reason is because this match inspired Sweet to improve.

He also does have some experience fighting Akira, but you can see from this match with Sly Bass that he does indeed struggle with the matchup a little. Personally, I do believe he can defeat JC Akira with Alpha... he just needs to be able to sustain his pressure game against JC Akira no matter what character he picks.

If you look at the Battle Royal standings, Kwiggle and XcaliburBladeZ have cleaned up this year -- but Bladez took DOA Festival which I believe could be the most important victory of the year...
NEC is not only an event, but it's a celebration to how long we've been around; and for how long we have been dedicated to Team NINJA's steep learning curves and incredible universe. To commemorate this event, at NEC 17 -- the most hype competitive tournament you will see, Team NINJA is giving away gifts including:
  • I'm a Fighter PS4 DLC for Kasumi and Marie Rose (for entering the NEC DOA5LR tournament)
  • Gold 20th Anniversary Pin (for entering the NEC DOA5LR tournament)
  • Black 20th Anniversary Pin (TOP 32)
NEC 17 starts next Friday, and if you are not ready... are you ready now? The higher-ups of Team NINJA will be at this event to celebrate. Now it is time to show them what we can do... you want DOA6 so bad? Show them how much you care and compete. This could be the last Battle Royal, and we are unclear of the future... maybe at NEC we can get an update as to how Team NINJA views the future of our offline tournament circuit.

Happy 20 years guys, but let's keep fighting to make it another 20.
As the final stop in the 2016 Battle Royal, NEC has been on the mind of the competitive community since early this year. As the most consistently well-represented major in the Dead or Alive tournament scene, there is always a great interest in the event, and not just because of the tournament itself. There have been announcements, giveaways, and, most relevant to this article, some really fun exhibition matches. This year will be no different! Today we are announcing an international exhibition match pitting the finest the US has to offer against our friends and community members from other parts of the world.

Being that exhibition matches do not need a whole lot of explanation, I'll just get right to the roster.

Representing the United States of America:
Crazy Steady (California)
SYN Static Shock (Texas)
Kwiggle (Delaware)
XCalibur BladeZ (New York)
Master (Texas)
Rikuto (New York)
H00dless (Illinois)

Representing the Global Community:
Soy (Korea)
Ebabil Guney (Australia)
Gehaktbal (Netherlands)
Tanii (Japan)
JC Akira (Japan)
Siologica (Japan)
Teru Rock (Japan)

This 7 vs. 7 USA vs. The World [The World vs. USA?] Exhibition Match will take place before the Team Tournament Friday, the 16th of December. What an impressive way to kick off our final major of the year, no? Let us know who you think will take out who!
For all of our members, both those slowly coming out of a tryptophan-induced food coma and everyone else, we are here today to announce something that many of you have asked about:


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If you have any questions, feel free to fire away below. Just remember to use the coupon! If you use it verbatim and it says it's not valid, you're probably trying it a bit too early. Enjoy the new duds!

|Big E's Pre-Registration Site -- Do not waste time! The event starts Dec. 12/17-12/19|

Team NINJA will certainly be watching the community at NEC 17 which will be the grand finale to our 2016 Battle Royal. Last year history was made within our community when JC Akira flew from Japan to destroy everyone with his vicious Akira. It was a bloody massacre.

JC Akira Dominates Pro Player E-Mann

Though it has been a year, and people have had time to study -- NEC 17 provides you with the proving grounds to see how much you have improved. This tournament has everything from the prize, to the prized fighter and will probably be the most competitive event the Community and Team NINJA has ever seen.

This tournament will also probably be one of the most entertaining; not just because of the main event but because of the 3v3 Tournament... and one of the teams happens to be three Akiras (@DestructionBomb @Sly Bass and Champion JC Akira). Who is going to win against these three very different Akiras consecutively? Good luck!

It's very important that everyone that can pre-register. We've been building this community up for years and at something as big as a Grand Finale for a tournament circuit Team NINJA has put on... this should mean everything to the community. Let's make a great turn-out for Team NINJA to see at NEC17!
GUTS has been doing a great job of representing DOA offline for a while now, and Last Round returns to the event this year. Expect to see some talented members of the community you don't normally get to see plus tournament regulars such as @LordXav1er.

Winners Final GUTS 2012

Facebook Event Post

Dead or Alive 5 Event Streamed by Kombat Network
(DOA starts at 5:11:40)

Live streams provided by:
Team Sp00ky Sabin (Art Sanchez) https://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky
Bifuteki https://www.twitch.tv/bifuteki
Punch-Kick-Block https://www.twitch.tv/kpblive
Game Underground https://www.twitch.tv/gameunderground
Kombat Network https://www.twitch.tv/kombatnetwork
Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the year again where you should start thinking about who should be on your team for the 3v3 team tournament at NEC. Last year was a success, so let's do it again!

Here are the rules:

1. Permanent character lock. This means when you register for the tournament, you will write down your character. If you play any round NOT as that registered character, you will be DQed.
2. Same characters can be on the same team. If you want 3 Akiras, then you can have 3 Akiras.
3. You will go head to head against another team of 3. You stay on until you lose. If you win the first match up, you stay seated and the next member of the opposing team steps up. You will play 1 match, best of 5 rounds to determine the winner between the head to head. This means your team has to win at least 3 matches to defeat the opposing team. Once a team has had every member of their team defeated, they lose the match up.
4. You may switch the order in which your team performs after each team match. This means if I start lead off against a team, I can be the anchor against the next team.
5. Double elimination.
6. $10 a person, or $30 a team for entry into the tournament. Registration will be at the venue, Friday night. Tournament starts Friday night, 8pm. Registration closes 7:30pm.
7. Winners and Losers finals will be best of 3. Aka, first team to win twice.

I will update the OP with teams if you guys want to post them in this thread. Just let me know the following per team:
1. Team Name
2. Event Registration Tag & Character (Note, I won't hold you to your character choice until you register at the venue.)

Free Agents
:hitomi:Lord Xavier


1. The A Team

:akira:JC Akira :akira:Destructionbomb :akira:UGS Sly Bass

2. Whoopin Dat Azz
The DOA community has lost another member this morning.

Christopher Harris, known to the FGC world as NinjaCW, has passed away this morning. He was one of the old-school DOA players that got along with everyone in the community. For those that don't know, NinjaCW was part of the "I'm a Fighter" campaign during the release of Dead or Alive 5, where you can still read his comment about why he felt he was a fighter. He is also most known for his participation with the Championship Gaming Series, a television show aired on DirectTV that featured Dead or Alive 4.

Here's a quote from the I'm A Fighter campaign:

"I have always played games for fun but it wasn’t until DoA 4 came out that I got fully into competing in a game. After traveling to my first tournament and being able to play with so many people that I had only met a few hours prior was an amazing experience. At that point I was hooked and I just wanted to test myself to see how far I could get. I would lose to stronger players and I would get even more excited to play. After I would beat that player it made me hungrier to compete, just to see if there was someone stronger. Life put many obstacles in front of me, but wanting to know what it means to be strong keeps pushing me forward."

Outside of competing in DOA, he has competed in other games as well in the world of eSports such as Street Fighter IV (Makoto), Street Fighter V (Mika), Overwatch, and League of Legends.

While Flipsid3 Tactics have yet to make the announcement, let us remember NinjaCW the same way we remember DOA-Knee.


If you have any cool or funny stories about NinjaCW that you'd like to share, please feel free....
Congrats Kwiggle at winning your third TFC!

The Fall Classic seems to get our competitive community all wound up as we have come to expect a serious level of competition from this event, and it has delivered year after year with exciting gameplay, artistic flow and explosive matches. Starting off in the pools we see character diversity, great competition and sportsmanship, new players and great offline growth. Tomorrow the hype continues with Top 8 streaming via Funky P @1:30 EST.

Quick Thoughts: Shockwave's Pai was awesome! We rarely see the character used at offline events and we got to see some great tech from a veteran Pai player. @coldpieceaj made a great comeback against @shazzmatazzles; great change to Sarah and great matches. Jennings was the first player to use Mai at a tournament to my knowledge, and it was nice to see he had some success. @BBoyDragon also went hard with Mai and showed some great charisma and energy on both screens.

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