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Community 2017 Halloween Outfits Released

Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Oct 17, 2017.

By deathofaninja on Oct 17, 2017 at 3:58 PM
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    For three years in a row, Team NINJA has given players the chance to contribute their art to Dead or Alive 5. 2017 might be the best year yet favorites including Tina in 80s workout gear or even Bass dressed up as a chicken. A Halloween event really does give the community a chance to get creative.

    What are your favorite designs this year? You can download these outfits via: PSN, STEAM and XBL. Happy Halloween! Congratulations to all the contest winners and participants.

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Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Oct 17, 2017.

    1. Force_of_Nature
      NyoTengu, Pai, Ayane, Christie, Raidou, Brad Wong, Akira, Phase-4, and Bayman's are my fav's (Helena's is cool too). Arguably the best Halloween costumes year IMO (which is interestingly fitting being the last one.)

      Wouldn't mind Momiji's if she lost the silly wings.
    2. KwonJigglypuff
      The textures are so cheap :eek:

      Too bad... Helena's costume looks messy.... so stiff... rather rocky than watery...
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    3. Mayor-Of-Mustard
      I played Helena and Kokoro in tag and the clipping was a riot. Beautiful costumes, though.
    4. KwonJigglypuff
      Hopefully they will transfer the design to the next game...
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    5. Princeofhalcyon
      were any of the winners art submitted here? or do we got another batch of mystery winners no one knows? lol Honestly i feel like some of them were kinda weak. Not bad, but basically just regular dresses, some with wings added. not a lot of halloween going on. Marie, honoka, eliot, hayate and li had the best ones to me. Leifangs is alright to.
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    6. KasumiLover
      I liked the following:

      A lot were hit and miss and don't exactly scream Halloween but most were good

      Hoping for DOA6 soon so we can get actual current gen outfits on current gen character models instead of last gen textures and models with that new skin shader slapped on
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    7. Force_of_Nature
      The pack was pretty decent this year. Definitely not worse than previous years arguably. Honestly, it would be better if they could just drop the "Halloween" moniker and just allow people to produce casual-related outfits or whatever like in the Spring 2014 costume contest. The Halloween theme comes off as a limiting in comparison and it shows in some of the forced-looking Halloween submissions.
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    8. hollow
      Alphas can die.
      Alphas can get banned.
      Alphas can get a virus.
    9. Princeofhalcyon
      True, and some of their choices don't even look like halloween designs so it begs the question whether or not they even actually care. I still wish they'd give some kind of confirmation as to whether they actually received your entry for review to. Even if we do what they tell us to exactly, without confirmation it feels like shallow attempts, and again because no one ever knows the winners or if they're even announced anywhere.
    10. KwonJigglypuff
      I hope some of the designs submitted in this contest (and in previous ones) will get into December DLCs, which will be our second Fan Design Awards pack.

      Oni Mila still has a chance!
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    11. d3v
      With each passing year, Halloween becomes less and less about dressing in "scary" costumes, and more about just going around in costume.
    12. Mayor-Of-Mustard
      im ok with this tbh.

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