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Discussion in 'Dead or Alive 5 Last Round System Discussion' started by Sly Bass, Apr 4, 2017.

By Sly Bass on Apr 4, 2017 at 10:14 AM
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    Hi Everyone! I have been working with the community and my little fighting game media outlet, Arcade Sensei, to create a knowledge bank for everyone who enjoys DOA5LR. We have compiled a full character guide and frame data list. The guides aren't built to give you big damage combos. They're designed to help you get a better understanding of the mechanics and thought process you should have when playing your character at a high level.

    Full Character Guide & Frame Data - Created By Arcade Sensei

    These guides are going to be live files. This means that if we find new information or are provided new information, we will update the document. If you find new tech and want to let us know, email us at arcadesensei@gmail.com. Title the email with "New Tech For (Character Name)". If it is valid, we'll add it to the guide and list you as a contributor.
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Discussion in 'Dead or Alive 5 Last Round System Discussion' started by Sly Bass, Apr 4, 2017.

    1. KasumiLover69
      Just wanted to say that Naotora isn't a lightweight, she's more cruiser type like Helena or a mid weight at least
    2. YBNDM
      This is so good! Thanks for this.
    3. Force_of_Nature
      Ah, I was waiting for this @Sly Bass. Phenomenal work with this project! Wish more people would produce content like this. Cheers!
    4. GreatDarkHero
      These documents are pure genius and are all god tier.
      I also have a reference for the stun states now and the force techs I can take advantage of. I would like to thank @Sly Bass and everyone who contributed to this document.
    5. deathofaninja
      Money is quite tight, but will donate when I am more steady. Sly has some of the best content around and he deserves it. :D
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    6. Kris Emery
      Kris Emery
      Thank you so much for this !
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    7. Mr. Wah
      Mr. Wah
      Correct, she's Middle Weight
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    8. Glitterati
      Yay thanks guys!
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    9. iHajinShinobi
      Nice, I'm glad to see you were able to finish this all up and get it live. Amazing work Sly.
    10. Rojikku
      Glad to have been a part of helping put this together!
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    11. Alchemist
      this is ridiculous. good stuff.
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    12. Legendary Goken
      Legendary Goken
      Very impressive quality of work. This must have taken a lot of time to put together. I absolutely love it!

      I'm going to find myself constantly referencing through your guidelines. Thank you for making our community a much more fun and fulfilling place to practice our characters. I applaud you, good sir. Bravo! :)
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    13. x Sypher x
      x Sypher x
      Thank you Sly Bass, this is great stuff!
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    14. Sly Bass
      Sly Bass
      Took us just about 5 months to do.
    15. ThisLateGamer
      Finally! "The Last Round" Guidebook for DLC! Thank you!
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    16. FakeSypha
    17. yohmok
      This thread is incredible and such a valuable asset for someone like me that's still learning the game. I love the breakdown in useful tools for each character and gives the general layout of a gameplan. Thank you very much, @Sly Bass! :)
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    18. UncleKitchener
      Been meaning to come back into this game. Seems like a nice started for some of the characters I didn't know.
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