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DOA5: New Screens Released - The Return of the Boobs

Discussion in 'News' started by Mr. Wah, Jan 12, 2012.

  • by Mr. Wah, Jan 12, 2012 at 2:20 PM
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    New screens have been released today for Dead or Alive 5.

    Most of you will probably notice that Ayane and Hitomi have lost some clothing in alternate outfits, and the breasts are back to their "traditional" sizes.

    I'm not one to hate breasts, but they really do seem to detract from the rest of the pics. I honestly don't know who Hitomi is fighting as I can never focus my eyes on the opponent.

    Personally, Ayane seems out of place in her DOA2U/4 ninja outfit. It appears out of place with the more realistic environments and character art.

    What say you? Good or bad?

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Discussion in 'News' started by Mr. Wah, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Rikuto


    Bring back realistic proportions, please.
  2. Tenren

    to me they look the same from the older screen shots. I think the clothing style is what makes them look small. More restive, I guess you could say. If you go back and Look at Hitomes
  3. Gill Hustle

    I'm glad Ayane still has that costume. That look really defines her imo like Hayabusa's NG one does.

    I'm still wondering how Hitomi loses her jacket in battle. I mean does it rip or does she take it off.
  4. Tenren

    maybe she takes it off if she loses a round lol. Gets mad and throws it down
  5. Gill Hustle

    It'd be cool if you could toss it for a taunt. Let her get all SERIOUS BUSINESS!
  6. Black Dragon

  7. Awesmic

    Tch... I dunno how to reply to this. The opinions seem split right now.

    If I go with my natural response, I'll be looked down upon. If I say something completely different, I'll be accused of not being true to myself.

    I'm gonna play it safe and go with Tenren's opinion.
  8. UncleKitchener

    You don't even need to say anything. We know what you're thinking.
  9. Berzerk!

    Its okay as the overall look and tone is still darker and refreshed from its previous look. It won't detract for most people.

    It's only an issue in terms of meta commentary, I'm already sick of early previews that say "hey its not just about boobs now" (duh, previous editions were great playable games)

    I don't know if this changes anything as that commentary has already filtered through. The playable demo is coming up and we can expect focus to shift to how it plays very soon
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  10. d3v

    Hitomi's doesn't seem to be an alt, more like clothing damage on the jacket causing it to fall off.

    EDIT: NVM.
  11. Raansu

    Who cares, the game still looks good.
  12. MASTER

    I think its cool they brought the breast back to a 'bigger' size from what it looks like. (Maybe it already was that size but the costumes didnt show). Im sure making boobs big is a flick of the wrist so with that being said keep them big but just focus on the gameplay since boobs have always been in DOA and now other fighting games because of it. I don't think it takes anything away from the game. Like Raansu said, "who cares the game still looks good" and it wont matter as long as gameplay is Enjoyable to everyone.

    Plus on top of getting sweaty it seems that you can get REALLY dirty like Ryu's costume that looks almost all brown now because of the dirt. Pretty neat!

  13. UncleKitchener

    Looks like Hayabusa fell onto shit or something.

    I like that.

    Yeah, I think it's hella funny.
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  14. Game Over

    This is possible, as Gen-Fu is able to toss his hat (as a taunt) in DOA4. Tossing jackets, and the like, could be the natural evolution of that.

    Also, given the dark and gritty tone of the art style in this game, I'm really wondering how the goofy costumes of someone like Zack will turn out. Will they keep them, or will they replace them with some new costumes with the excuse of "a change in attitude" for the character?
  15. Berzerk!

    Don't get me wrong, I would rather they tone it down a tad. But I'm reassured that there is a solid focus on updating the tone and introducing new, interesting concepts
  16. Relius Starkiller

    I like titties, I like DOA.

    Before today I was only going to get one, now I'm getting both. . .I mean all three.

    Good day, good, good day.
  17. grap3fruitman

    Besides the breasts, have they updated the models otherwise? I think they may have fixed Hitomi's gigantic ear but it may be my imagination, haha.

    Also, I should note that these appear to be screens from the limited demo versions we'll access to in two month's time since that's how they grouped the characters. So, a slightly updated build of the version demoed to press a few weeks ago? Interesting.

    Could you please knock it off with this little "identity crisis" you're having on here? No one's going to kill you for liking the glitz and glamor of DOA. We all do to a point, we only have issue when that's only thing people care about in the game. You clearly don't so stop being so dramatic. I have more issue with you censoring yourself than posting "I think it looks good!" =P
  18. Megawarrior

    This will be the best looking fighter for the next 5 (or more) years. I like the dirt. Looks a lot better than I thought it would be.

    Ayane and Hitomi's boobs look the same to me. For me, the size isn't distracting. It's the over the top jiggle physics.
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