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Discussion in 'Modding' started by WAZAAAAA, Oct 22, 2016.


    WAZAAAAA Well-Known Member

    123 Fake Street
    This is the place where I will be providing downloads and updates for my 4 DOA5LR tools. They're open source, written in AutoHotkey and built for the PC Steam version of the game.

    DeadOrAutohotkey aka BusaBot is a fighting game bot created to beat opponents in DOA5LR with no user interaction using Ryu Hayabusa. It reads the memory of the game process every 2 milliseconds in order to understand what's happening, and then reacts by inputting the proper keyboard response according to what the opponent is doing. You can think of it like playing against a rock-paper-scissors robot which instantly recognizes what you do, and beats it.

    This is a tool used to display accurate frame counters. It retrieves various hidden internal game memory addresses not displayed within the regular in-game Move Details window. It has many uses, here you can see some examples of how I personally used this tool to better analyse several game mechanics:
    - Rising and its glitches
    - Crush frames
    - Neutral Throw break window
    - SideStep frames
    - Cliffhanger frames
    - Combo Throw frames windows
    - hidden Airborne status
    - counting the frames of moves marked as 0(0)0 by the Move Details screen, also blockstun and hitstun animations
    - calculating the "Advantage +/-" part more accurately when it's often displayed as simply +0
    - finding Unholdables with ease
    - helped me understand the input delay better (1 frame delay for everything except Guarding and Rising from the ground which happen instantaneously)
    - helped me realize that the frame input buffer is 10 frames long in this game (like Virtua Fighter)

    Character Unlocker
    (click images to watch video)
    This tool allows you to manipulate character selection through memory writing (like a trainer). It can be used to:
    - test hidden characters such as "headless Kasumi" and the 4 Story-only bosses + their white "snowman" costumes
    - temporarily try out DLC-locked characters such as Naotora and Mai
    - play Tag in Solo-only stages
    - use the same character twice in Tag
    - have some fun with glitches caused by them

    For those who wish to examine the addresses used by the tools through a good old .CT file using Cheat Engine, there's that option too. Some additional noteworthy addresses include:
    - more accurate move details display
    - Stage unlocker
    - KO time freezer + slow motion character lock disabler
    - X and Y character coordinates to teleport around
    - Airborne status
    - COM VS COM mode + COM levels changer
    - and a few more

    You need AutoHotkey installed on your computer in order to run .AHK files.
    this is unnecessary, but older outdated toolbox versions can be downloaded here for whatever reason:
    user lampuiho came up with an alternative address updater and a combo macro script for Mila, downloadable here:
    Please extract the contents of the .ZIP somewhere before opening any file.
    WARNING: the tools might not work if you're using heavily "impactful" mods like AutoLink.
    Make sure you always have the latest version.
    Toolbox 2.1 last updated 2018-02-08
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  2. grap3fruitman

    grap3fruitman Well-Known Member
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    Awesome, awesome stuff. Unless I missed something, the character values aren't included in the zip so here they are for easy reference:


    WAZAAAAA Well-Known Member

    123 Fake Street
    Actually yes you missed something I have included them.
    Running "CharacterUnlocker.ahk" and clicking on the Instructions button will tell you to read the bottom of the "documentation.txt" file which is where I listed the ID's
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  4. gatto tom

    gatto tom Well-Known Member

    Wow Wazaa magnifico. Non vedo l'ora di usare i boss. Cmq non sono costumi da pupazzi di neve XD si chiamano Costume Test( o una cosa del genere). Per utilizzare il tool devo scaricare anche autohotkey giusto? Kasumi presenta anche un altro boss costume che sarebbe quello della storia(Ninja Gaiden) ma verde. Come hai detto nel tuo video i boss quando perdono vita cambiano colore, lo cambiano anche se vengono bagnati. Io una volta li avevo testati però adesso li posso provare con i loro effetti u.u Grazie tante! Quindi online non funzionano giusto? XD

    WAZAAAAA Well-Known Member

    123 Fake Street
    dettagli por favor

    sì nоn реsа nіеntе е nоn dіsturbа vаі trаnquі


    EDIT: anche se in effetti potremmo provarlo online, con tutti e due che usano lo strumento con gli stessi numeri impostati, magari così funziona lol
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  6. VAND1TA

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    I really wanna fight such a bot. If only my Laptop could handle DOA5CF.:cool:
  7. gatto tom

    gatto tom Well-Known Member

  8. gatto tom

    gatto tom Well-Known Member

    @WAZAAAAA A me non funziona il programma. Ho la versione 1.08

    WAZAAAAA Well-Known Member

    123 Fake Street
    ho deciso di chiamarlo così il "costume" perché i primi 2 individui a cui ho mostrato le immagini hanno reagito chiamandolo "snowman" rofl

    È per 1.08A non 1.08. Non dovresti più avere problemi ad aggiornare il gioco, visto che ora è gratis su Steam e puoi scaricarlo e aggiornarlo direttamente da lì
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  10. gatto tom

    gatto tom Well-Known Member

    Ma io ho la versione craccata XD

    WAZAAAAA Well-Known Member

    123 Fake Street
    nun te serve più crackarla, è gratis!
    se proprio ti sta sul cazzo Steam puoi sempre applicarci il solito SmartSteamEmu
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    WAZAAAAA Well-Known Member

    123 Fake Street
    15/November/2016 - version 1.1
    - (ALL TOOLS) added compatibility with the Ver.1.09 update
    - (ALL TOOLS) code fixes: process priority reduced from High to AboveNormal, modified the admin rights checker code to be more automated, moved the game process variable to addresses.ahk and renamed it from "doa5lr" to the more generic "TargetProcess"
    - (CHARACTER UNLOCKER) fixed the checkboxes to work properly
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  13. kaoyon

    kaoyon New Member

    dead or alive 5
    how to play the final stage in solo?

    WAZAAAAA Well-Known Member

    123 Fake Street
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    WAZAAAAA Well-Known Member

    123 Fake Street
    15/December/2016 - version 1.2
    - (ALL TOOLS) added compatibility with the Ver.1.09H update (AQUAPLUS Mashup Set)
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  16. kaoyon

    kaoyon New Member

    dead or alive 5
    I'm sorry to tell something that someone use this to cheate online in steam. Found two players... . I'm happy you could make it. But can u stop them using it online? It's not fair.:(
    Or u can make it only in offline

    Many players are angry with them for using this cheate tool online. I hope u could stop updating new ver.
    more and more people use it. the game will die, please.
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    WAZAAAAA Well-Known Member

    123 Fake Street
    Pretty cool improvements coming for the BusaBot, also cool GIF added to the first post.

    17/January/2017 - version 1.3
    - (ALL TOOLS) added compatibility with the Ver.1.09A update
    - (BUSABOT) implemented new functions to punish hold resistant strikes
    - (BUSABOT) implemented new functions to deal with several character-specific moves such as projectiles, unblockable strikes, feints and more
    - (BUSABOT) auto-hold triggering distance increased
    - (BUSABOT) auto-throw attempts will only occur during the active frames of an hold
    - (BUSABOT) auto-Izuna Drop function optimized to stop itself as soon as possible in case of a dropped followup
    - (BUSABOT) C.ahk has been removed and most of its contents were migrated to B.ahk
    - (BUSABOT) auto-guard function removed because it is no longer necessary, it was intrusive and not well-executed
    - (BUSABOT) anti-back turned function improved to only switch position during idle status and not during strings or throw animations
    - (BUSABOT) auto-Tech Roll functions improved. It will no longer try to Tech Roll every single time your character is airborne, now it properly detects when it's being caught in juggles/throws/holds. It also correctly detects facing up/facing down statuses while on the ground
    - (BUSABOT) anti-throw function changed to perform 7K instead of 3H+K because it's better
    - (BUSABOT) anti-sidestep attempts will only occur during the first 3 frames
    - (BUSABOT) added a combo followup for The Tiger Show's Danger Zone
    - (BUSABOT) added F3 and F4 hotkeys to control the Player 2 side of the bot
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    WAZAAAAA Well-Known Member

    123 Fake Street
    @CatzDaLegit / Yeah Showtime has made this video guide which makes good use of the Frame Counter tool, added to the first post as a clickable image:

    Btw, in order to register your inputs properly during the slow motion, you have to hold the buttons you press until the next frame happens so they will work, don't just tap them.

    I've played his Tina like 50 matches or so yesterday. His chain throws were nearly unbreakable the timing was on point fokin grapplers I swear haha
  19. KasumiLover

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    You mean the bot couldn't deal with his grapples?? Damn, he must have been grinding on those grapples then! XD
  20. qlfrpdlcm

    qlfrpdlcm New Member

    could you make cheat table like this?

    i want infinite ko and upskirt
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