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DOA5LR: What's the current state of moddability?

Discussion in 'Dead or Alive 5 Last Round General Discussion' started by cornel, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. cornel

    cornel New Member

    What's the current level of modding possibilities of DOA5LR?

    I am asking because I once gave up on this game, wanting to make a TC (total conversion) mod.
    I believe the reason for giving up was it not being possible to replace the in-game music, the menu graphics and the stages.

    Has there been any change in this?
  2. KasumiLover69

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    From what I've seen on YouTube it's possible to change music and stages and even access non playable stages. There's also blender thing that lets you port other girl's outfits onto another girl's body model and have it automatically fit their proportions but I don't think they've made a tool yet so this happens to the male characters
  3. cornel

    cornel New Member

    Last time I checked, sound swapping was possible, but not for the in-game tunes, because they are inside a special file type...

    It seems this game is most difficult to alter (except for the costumes).
  4. Rikuto

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    In older games the music files were glorified .ogg's and you could use a third party program create loop markers so they would work properly. We messed around with that in 2u and 3 to an extent.

    I don't personally know how it worked from 4 onward.
  5. cornel

    cornel New Member

    I tried swapping stages (game version 1.02 and lnk_reshuffle version 5.15) but the game always crashes...

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