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This weekend is going to be crazy in Las Vegas at EVO 2018 and there are a lot of things going on with both DOA5 and DOA6, so see this post as your guide to the whole event that will be consistently updated. Top 8 DOA5 will be streamed on EVO's Official Event Channel so this is definitely one of the communities biggest opportunities to perform! After The Showdown has concluded there will be a Results Post with the possibility of more announcements from Team NINJA.

If you are curious to learn more about the big players in the Dead or Alive community this DOA Player Profile piece will fill you in from Shoryuken, you can also predict the winner of the Showdown in the forum. The Free Step Dash Cancel Bug will be in use at this event so this could be one of the biggest surprise shows we've ever seen.

The Dead or Alive 6 Mini Tournament will be another exciting event that will likely be after the Top 8 show. Remember you must register at the Team NINJA booth, this isn't something you can do today, but this post will be updated when we know the stream time (including DOA5 pools) and any other information pertaining to it.

Pool Schedule Pacific Time

August 3rd
10:00 am Pools 1 & 2
12:00 pm Pools 3 & 4
2:00 pm Pools 5 & 6
4:00 pm Pools 7 & 8
6:00 pm Pools 9 & 10
8:00 pm Pools 11 & 12

August 4th
10:00 am Pools 13 & 14
12:00 pm Pools 15 & 16
2:00 pm Top 32
6:00 pm Top 8
8:00 pm Top 4

Team NINJA's Rules

  • Platform: PlayStation®4
  • Registration Closed with 159 Entrants
  • Players must comply with EVO code of conduct and rules here
  • Exhibition mode ON
  • Max Life - NORMAL
  • 60 seconds time
  • Select 3 rounds for SOLO
  • All characters allowed
  • Players must select random stage select
  • DOJO, DANGERZONE and ATTACK ON TITAN are banned stages
  • Best 2 out of 3 matches for all matches
  • Best 3 out of 5 matches for Loser, Winner and Grand Finals
  • Double elimination
  • Character lock for the winner only
  • Accidental pausing or Guide button pushing by one of the two players competing gives their opponent the round
  • Deactivate all controller devices at the beginning of every match
  • Players may use their own controllers or arcade sticks which are compatible with PlayStation®4 systems
  • In order to prevent hardware issues, the use of converters for controllers designed for use with Xbox 360 or Xbox One is prohibited
  • The use of controller-specific functionality including but not limited to rapid fire or macros is prohibited. Any players caught using controller-specific functionality will be disqualified
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