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Other than the samurai set piece this 'looks' like a better Ninja Gaiden successor than 3 did just because of the non - flat levels, pacing and large bosses that I didn't see in the first few levels of NG3.


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To be perfectly honest, when I first walked in on the trailer I genuinely though it was an NG spin off starring Doku lol.

I have fairly high hopes for this, if they can pull this off there's no excuse for a future NG4 to be anything but this good.
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I was curious to know more about this new IP mentioned from many years and finally we can get a look of it: I hope to see more but so far seems really good! It's nice to see a change of setting with what seems to be a samurai world, I really hope that TN will use the chance for creating a world different from the Ninja Gaiden universe (for example would be great to set everything in the ancient Japan and not in the modern days). Just about Hayabusa' series, the kind of level showned for NiOh - so abandoning the squares of NG3 - make even hope for the better for a similar approach with NG4.

I can't way to see more of it =)


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How did TN get the license to use Geralt of Rivia?

But no, in all seriousness, I am interested to see where this does. I get a Dark Souls + Ninja Gaiden 3 vibe as well (and would probably add Onimusha if I played those titles). It's hard to tell if the game's going to be good from little snippits. Hell, little snippets made NG3 seem decent enough.

Still, it's TN's first IP outside the DOA/NG in a long time and it's an action game, so I'm curious. Hopefully turns out good. Personally I'd like to see more of NG1/2 and less of Dark Souls regarding the gameplay itself, but I realize that's not as "trendy" these days.


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i dont think its about being trendy as much as being different. if they make the gameplay like Ninja Gaiden they might as well make it ninja gaiden 4.

i have high hopes for this game. although it doesn't appear to have the same amount of flash the combat looks really tight, i can imagine once we get some competent AI opponents there are going to be some really intense battles. so far all we've seen him fight is Koei mooks and even when one tried to guard he just powered his way through.

for being in developmental hell this game looks gorgeous and music really caught my attention at the end there with its mixture of styles. fighting a boss with that song would be pretty sick.

if this can live up to Bloodborne or even Onimusha then i dont mind waiting a bit more for NG4.


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Yeah, Tyaren pointed out that Ni-Oh guy has Bayman's face but Brad Wong's ponytail basically lol he looks like a Brad/Bayman lookalike in a Doku-a-like samurai armour.

It's still interesting even if the character design isn't exactly brand new, lip licking demon lady for example haha
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