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So whenever i am in some threads i see multiple requests have been made. so i gathered somehwat info all together and collected requests from other members as well as from my self. BEFORE someone jumps at me saying it's too much. well. eventually people are gonna run out of ideas. i mean these are requests that many people want. and all i do is just collect them and post them in a thread. IF YOU have another requests post it in here. Whenever someone posts a request.i'll edi tthe main post and add them to it. so it stays in the center of attention,

Pics are in the links

1- Claire Original CVX

2- Jake and Sherry hunters

3- Neil Fisher REV2

4 – Claire Redfield – REVELATIONS 2 – Prison outfit – Including Hair seperate.

5- Claire Redfield – REVELATIONS 2 – Sniper Outfit

6 – Claire Redfield – DarkSide Chronicles – CVX outfit

7 – Leon – RE4 No Vest

8 – Leon RE4 Jacket

9 – Leon RPD

10 - Jill Army

11 – Piers Nivans – Casual

12 – Ada Assingment

13 – Ada RE6 –
Not nyotengu's version cause when i put the costume on someone else, she has those weird things in her hands.

14 – Rachael REVELATIONS - Please without hair lmao. XD or atleast seperate.

15 – Rebecca Cowgirl

16 – Chris CVX

17 – Chris Stars

18 – Sherry Winter

19 – Helena China

20 – Helena Usa

21 – Sherry – Asia

22 – Leon Debug

23 – Chris Bar-Outfit

24 – Jake Ediona

25 – Leon USA

26 – Jessica Snow -

27 – Jessica Wetsuit

28 – Chris Wetsuit

29 – Jill Revelations

30 – Sheva RE5

31 – Jill BSAA

32 – Jill Crow

33 – Chris BSAA-AGENT


!! - Kitana MK Shaolin Monks

1- Kitana MK2

2- MKX Sonya tournament

3- Kitana Non Revenant model

4- Kitana Tournament

5- Quan Chi MKX

6- Sonya Major

7- Kitana MKX

8- Sonya MKX

9- MK Legacy Kitana

10- Kitana MK Annihlation


12- Kitana MKA

13- Kitana Defenders Of Earthrealm

14- Mileena Legacy

15- Mileena MK4

16- Tanya MK4

17- Mileena MKD Alt

18- Mileena MKX

19- Mileena MK Annihlation


21- Mileena Deception

22- Tanya MKX

23- Sonya MK4

24- Jade MK SM

25- Jade MKD Alt

26- MK Annihlation Jade

27- Mileena Khanum

28- Mileena Tournament

29- Mileena MK3

f- Kitana MK4

f- Sonya Movie Pack

f- Sonya Defenders Of The Earthrealm

f- Tanya MKD

f- Tanya MKD Alt

f- Jade MKD

f- Sonya MKDA

f- Sindel MKD

f- Sindel MK3

f- Sindel MK Annihlation

f- Sindel MKD Alt

f- Frost MKDA

f- Frost MKDA Alt

f- Li Mei MKD

f – Li Mei MKD Alt

f- MKD Ashra

f- MKD Ashra Alt

f- Nitara MKDA – Pefect for nyotengu

f- Nitara MKDA Alt

f- Kira MKD Alt

f- Li Mei MKDA

F – Li Mei MKDA Alt

30- Sub-Zero MK3

31- Sub-Zero MKX Human

32- Sub Zero Assassin

33- Sub Zero MK3

34- Sub Zero Non revenant costume revenant

35- MKX Ermac

36- MKX Liu Kang Revenant

37- Kenshi MKX

38- Kung Lao Tournament

39- Liu Kang MKX

40- Rain MKX

41- Future Raiden

42- Dark Raiden

43- Raiden MKX

44- Cassie Cage MKX

45- Kano MK1

46- Jaqui Booty Camp

47- MK4 Reptile

48- Kung Lao Revenant

49- Kano MK1

50- Liu Kang MK1

60- Kung Lao MK4

61- Scorpion Injustice

62- Quan Chi MK4

63- Reiko MK4

64- Sub-Zero MKX

65- Jax MK3

66- Raiden MK4

67- Raiden MK1

68- Reptile MK3

69- Ermac MK3

70- Scorpion MK3

71- Shinnock MK4

72- Fujin MKX

73- Tremor Classic

74- Liu Kang Tournament

76- Tremor MKX

77- Quan Chi MK4 MKX

78- Mileena Vampiress

79- Johnny Cage MKX

80- Kira MKD

1- Lara Syria


especially for hitomi, and kasumi. )

3- Lara ROTTR casual

4- TR3 Catsuit

5- AOD Jeans

6- Siberia

7- lara aod pants

8- Lara AOD pants jacket

9- Lara AOD shorts

10- Lara Classic HD

11- 2013 Clean

12- 2013 dirty

13- TR3 Nevada

14- TR3 Antarctica

15- Steampunk

16- Modern Classic

Tekken Requests coming soon
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(Sorry for linking that site, I thought links to other sites are allowed in spoilers and forgot about restrictions of sites with presentive piracy)
It'd be great if someone made --h --hl files for sailor moon pack(that one with Venus Mercury Jupiter Moon and Mars) for Marie by New User (sadly he didn't post it here as I remember). Pleeeease :)


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Is it possible that after all the Final Fantasy wave of mods, some of you guys can focus on King Of Fighters casting.

If I am right, so far we got Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui, Athena Asamiya, Yuri - Ryo Sakazaki, Blue Mary, Bonne Jenet, Kim Kaphwan, Kula Diamond, Vanessa & King

PART 1 :
Jacky as Terry Bogard
Eliot as Rock Howard
Helena as Mature
Bass as Chang
Ein as K'
Rig as Iori Yagami
Leon as Clark Steel
Bayman as Ralf Jones
Momiji as Kasumi Todoh
Zack as Joe Higashi (with lighter skin)
Nyotengu as Vice (without wings)
Ryu Hayabusa as Eiji Kisaragi
Raidou as Rugal Bernstein (using the human form)
guyver series... i founded some 3d model on the web,
at the moment, this anime characters are NOT PORTED IN ANY EXISTING GAME
and is apity because they have a lot of potential...

guyver1: sho fukamachi
the main guyver, i imagined this char on hayate, cause is a pure and good guy with amazing power but not a true hero, he will become late in the story
Likes: Lorenzo Buti
guyver III:agito makishima
the dark guyver, he appear somtime like a friend, and sometime is not clear his true intensions, but is an high skilled combatant in the first time superior tothe noob sho..
i imagined this character on hayabusa or rig, cause the dark feel and the extreme sense of security in his combat style.

there are other character but I don't even know if someone will reat this thing...
so, If someone will be interested i will back to ask...

those two characters are in any case the best of the series.

and the male characters in this game are pery poor of costumes... i think can be a good thing..
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I have troubles with making Dojo entirely green. Can please someone make Entire stage green? including Floor and Black emptiness. Just green plain textures.
I only got green floor still with squares on it(
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