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Team NINJA's Official DOA Series Summary Released

Discussion in 'Dead or Alive 6 General Discussion' started by deathofaninja, Jun 11, 2018.

By deathofaninja on Jun 11, 2018 at 4:43 PM
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    The DOA Story has been added to the features section of Team NINJA's Dead or Alive 6 official website. They also add summaries of all the other DOA narratives from beginning to present... let's take a look then. Commentary will be included with the current overviews and will hopefully help clarify things.

    Why the need for clarification? Because Dead or Alive: Dimensions came in and confused us with a compilation of all games that added scenes to the original tale of DOA. Hayashi made it seem like these scenes were official, but many players want to see DOAD as non-canon. Though it would be more constructive to highlight all of the differences in another post, and only focus on a few key ones here in this break-down that pertain to the information we're given now.

    Site Overview

    The way this information is detailed is obviously confusing, but the "so-called genius" could be referring to Lisa or Donovan. Seems likely that we will learn more about his character than we ever have before in Dead or Alive 6. Maybe he will even be the final boss that will hopefully be playable like: Raidou, Alpha and Tengu have been.

    The iconic opening to DOA
    Dead or Alive 1

    Seems pretty vague considering we know this story. Raidou is Shiden's evil brother, Raidou steals moves including the Torn Sky Blast from his nephew Hayate, and then destroys him with it breaking his back, putting him in a coma giving him amnesia plus spinal nerve damage. Of course Kasumi runs away from her leadership responsibilities to seek answers, enters the tournament and kills Raidou successfully.

    Though DOAD adds one of those additional scenes that was extremely controversial to players. After years of thinking this was Kasumi's story and road, we find out that it was actually Hayabusa assisting Kasumi to help defeat Raidou.

    A reason a fan of the original game would hate this added moment is that Hayabusa figuratively and literally steals Kasumi's thunder. Her fiery passion that ended Dead or Alive 1 locked her into being the main character of the franchise... and proved that she was more than just some runaway ninja.

    Dead or Alive 2

    Part of this summary is going with the DOAD story-structure with Kasumi Alpha being a possessive clone who wasn't described as having a weird desire for Hayate in the original storyline. Also worth mentioning is that Project Epsilon actually preceded Project Alpha and failed with Kasumi having superior genes.

    The evil that Hayabusa speaks of is Bankotsubo, a wicked Tengu that came out from the misty mountaintops after the evil Victor Donovan took over the second tournament. Hayabusa kills the majestic demon and Genfu salvages his nose to save his granddaughter.

    Ayane considered Genra as her father until he became Omega

    Dead or Alive 3

    Unlike the summary for Dead or Alive 2, this one follows the original story of Dead or Alive 3 -- Genra being experimented on. DOAD makes it seem like Genra was evil from the start. At this point you are probably wondering, well which story-line is official then?

    It took 8 real years to find out what happens after this crazy cinematic...
    Dead or Alive 4

    How we saw character associations post-DOA4 including Fame's mistresses

    Dead or Alive 5

    The 5th Dead or Alive story also follows some paths from DOAD including Raidou's death. If you read his biography on the site it mentions how he is resurrected from a fatal explosion. An explosion that never happened before DOAD. Team NINJA should really observe and study all of the story-line content ever released so that DOA6 can make perfect sense to all players.

    It's hard to say if the team wanted to write away the lost pages or maybe they thought or have seen little in the guides or manuals. Either way, there are some jumbled ideas provided in these summaries, but we deserve to know if the story is going to follow the original source material or if DOAD is the foundation of DOA's narrative as a whole.
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Discussion in 'Dead or Alive 6 General Discussion' started by deathofaninja, Jun 11, 2018.

    1. NewWestFan
      Finally learned how to do Zack Wave using a Kamehameha gesture and rings for the reflective surface. They grow up so fast
    2. Derock
      The only thing I liked about the new summary is that at least Kasumi was able to keep in touch with Ayame. It felt strange that we never saw any scenes of the two together to see if they have a good mother/daughter relationship beside the sudden shock when Ayame found out that Kasumi became a runaway ninja in the DOA2 Ultimate intro. We only saw the connection with Ayane and Ayame in Dimensions. I'm also wanted to know more about Shiden because for some reason, as a retired leader, you didn't fight for your daughter's safety but use the clan rules to send your minions to kill off your own flesh and blood?! Terrible father...
    3. NightAntilli
      Well, to be fair, the DOA story is one of the best among fighting games... And yes, the DOA2 Xbox Intro was great, can't disagree there. But my standards for stories are high. It's unfair to compare, but when you've played something like Life Is Strange, and DOA comes around with its story, sorry, but, it falls completely short of what would be a quality story. I mean, DOA5's story although entertaining wasn't anywhere near what I would call a respectable level of story. It's better than other fighters, but below average compared to the average game out there. The most important part is, that is completely ok for a fighting game.

      But I start having a problem when (I'll try not to offend you again) a relatively weak story is used to determine which characters can be playable or not. In order to have a strong and impactful story, it requires tragedy. That was the main strength of that DOA2 opening you're talking about. And generally, there is no tragedy without extremes. What are the extremes? Well, death is one, obviously... But there are others. The thing is, if you tie the story to the characters being playable, you'll either have to remove characters from gameplay, or have an everlasting series where the story never reaches its potential.
      Imagine Kasumi becoming paralyzed for some reason, even if it's temporary for one game only. Should she not be playable?
      Imagine Ayane getting kidnapped and no one knows where she is for two games or more. Should she not be playable?
      Imagine Ryu and Hayate having such a huge conflict that Ryu ends up killing Hayate. Should he not be playable ever again?
      Imagine Gen Fu dying peacefully of old age after some heroic act. Should he not be playable ever again?

      They all should be playable, regardless of the story happening in each specific installment. These characters mean something to people. And whether they're alive or dead, crippled or healthy, whatever state they are in, their presence as a playable character in each game is a tribute to their presence in prior games and to their history.
    4. Brute
      Even DOA's writing looks like Shakespeare compared to that garbage.
    5. grap3fruitman
      Honoka is Perfect Cell.
    6. Sotherius
      Also, if this is what they're going for, they completely ignored the major retcons with Dead or Alive Dimensions, i've heard from people that TN dropped it as canon due to fans hating it, but could never find a source, now there it is.
    7. NightAntilli
      I don't know what kind of vendetta you have against that game that you have to spend a single post only to shoot it down, and it's not the first time you've gone out of your way to spout your hatred of that game. But the story and plot in that game are great, and the critics and the majority of players agree. You'll find it among most lists made of best stories in gaming. Either you haven't played it fully, or you're focusing on the sub-par performance of the voice actors, which is another issue entirely.

      In any case, if you dislike that game, fine, I can mention others... Dragon Age Origins, Telltale's The Walking Dead, Mass Effect, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Spec Ops: The Line, The Last of Us, even Gears of War and COD 4 MW. These are all games that tell great stories where no fighting game, including DOA, comes close to. But let's try and keep this about DOA itself rather than about other games.
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    8. Banana56
      That’s a hella of a statement
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    9. Brute
      It's not meant only to criticize the game. It's my way of saying that for someone who claims that their "standards for stories are high," it's odd to randomly name-drop such a terrible story. My point is that your criticism of DOA's story means nothing if you merely compare it to Life is Strange.

      Most people are stupid. If you expect me to revere something simply because its popular, it's no wonder that you accept pretentious garbage as quality art.

      No. I'm focusing on it's poorly presented themes, terrible plot and utter lack of any likable characters.

      Okay. My opinion is that a fighting game's story should primarily serve as a backdrop for selective attachment. For example, a character may be introduced in a position or have a certain worldview that a player either sympathizes with or empathizes with, and thus becomes more attached to the character as a result. This can often work better in FGs than other games because of the large roster of characters that are all (theoretically) being presented as equal. In most games, even if you identify most with a supporting character, you can't choose to make them the center of your experience. In a fighting game, you absolutely can. Hypothetically, a FG can make a story that is brilliant in the more classical narrative sense (certainly better than Life is Strange), but I don't see it as an essential piece of a FG story in order to not "suck."

      So, with that approach in mind, does DOA's story "suck," as you stated before? Kinda. I don't think they did in the old games. However, DOA5 is a pretty mixed bag. A lot of characters no longer feel like they have any charisma to identify with. Helena and Ayane are good examples of characters introduced with strong personalities, but are pretty interchangeable borefests in DOA5. If any players became attached to them based on their charisma, I can imagine they were left disappointed by their portrayal in DOA5.
    10. deathofaninja
      I agree that I exaggerated a bit with the offended comment, @NightAntilli and your response amused me greatly and I see your point of view a lot better now.

      Also agree with Brute about DOA5's story being a mixed bag. The story will hopefully clarify a few things and wrap up better than the last game did. Would also hope to see cinematic endings and a true arcade boss. Not one of the girls in a bikini.
    11. NightAntilli
      I'll gladly hear why you think it's such a terrible story.

      Pretentious garbage? What does LIS have that's pretentious? o_O Did you actually play it for longer than Episode 1?

      Well, the poorly presented themes are the ones that are cringe-worthy dialogue and voice acting. Other than that, all themes are ultimately resolved in a more than satisfactory manner.
      The plot is amazing actually. Beats the crap out of Mass Effect 2 for instance.
      The lack of likable characters is supposed to be like that. You'd find out later why, if you actually finish it.

      Well, we agree then. DOA3 and DOA4 did a much better job of what you are saying should be the target of a fighting game 'story' regarding the characters. And going back to the main point, it's a bad idea to determine whether characters should be playable or not based on these stories.

      The reason I play the characters that I do has nothing to do with story. At least, not in DOA (for me). I play them because I like the fighting styles. I think Leifang is extremely stupid for stalking Jann Lee, and kicking a man out of a train in DOA4 because of an accident is an extreme overreaction that I wouldn't ever approve of. But I love her fighting style. I do like her in the DOA3 ending where she saves the kid from being kidnapped... Same story for Kokoro. Love her fighting style. The whole Geisha thing doesn't do anything for me. Jann Lee's background on the other hand is great. I've grown to respect him even though he can be arrogant. But, I'm not likely to main him.

      If I play a DBZ fighting game however, the character I pick is definitely based on how much I like the character. The characters are much much better defined.
    12. Brute
      For here, I'll keep it brief: I did finish the game, which is how I know that it handles its themes of consequence, bullying, and entropy in abysmal fashion. The characters are unlikable until the very end. The problem with sacrificing everyone for Chloe is that Chloe and Max don't die. The problem with sacrificing Chloe is that Max and everyone else don't die. It's sort of like the ending of Mass Effect, except we only get two colors and both of them are undesirable for the wrong reasons (and you have to let go of any head-canon involving the consequences of any other decisions you made). As someone who touted Dragon Age: Origins' storytelling, you obviously have exposure to how this can be done better.

      You are also expected to care about people for no reason, and since they fail to provide good reasons, this makes me utterly apathetic to the decisions about their fate and circumstance. They were obviously touching on depression, but it's a pretty bad way to handle it when you're depressed because you're a bland piece of shit who somehow remains that way despite being blessed with deus ex machina powers for no fucking reason. I'm aware that there are some people who believe that all life is precious, and if you ascribe to that philosophy you can probably find some merit here. But I do not. I value stories that focus on people who are exceptional in some way of their own doing, not characters who are blessed by fortune. You can have fortune befall you, but there has to be something extraordinary about the individual and what they do with that fortune for me to care. Max doesn't do anything remarkable except having magic powers. Take those away and she's nothing.

      While I do think that if DOA had more consistent characterizations then it may influence your choice(s) more strongly, I also believe that fighting styles are tied to story-telling (if it's done properly). A proper story would give Leifang redeemable traits outside of her visual fighting style, and you would probably appreciate that addition. But conversely, if they added a character you adored a great deal (such as in DBZ), I can imagine you would play that character a good amount even if you considered their visual fighting style less impressive than to Lei's.
    13. HHH816
      omg i wish they stop with this runaway ninja stuff..
    14. Tina2040_
      I'd rather they went with a sensationalist plot:
      "Helena Douglas, CEO of Doatec, has been charged for the murder of Miyako"

      Every takes it as the truth, except Kasumi and Zack. Kasumi again runs away and seeks justice to the conspiracy feeling whoever was looking for her is back.
      Zack makes plans for a sixth tournament on his own and begs for help from Tina, now a successful politician, to help free Helena. She declines, breaking the two and changing the love-interest plot. She is more stern in this title. Zack fails.
      Zack finds Christie instead, who is now more cordial and in a rut after being distanced from Donovan. She has no identity anymore. Her offers her some of his money in exchange for her help, so the two try and find the former participants.
      Many of the former participants decline their invitations (believing they're from Helena) because they have become aware of the corruption of DOATEC through the news, rumours and social media.
      In the US, Mila, managed by Bass, has become a celebrity through pro-wrestling. She's everything he wanted Tina to be.
      Henchmen of Donovan announce DOA6 and seemingly take over DOATEC, leaving Zack confused. The other participants have a change of heart and agree to help Zack.
      Lisa is missing throughout the story, until the very end, where it's revealed Tina put her in witness protection.
      The rest of the ninja clan show up at DOA6 hoping to find Kasumi, but instead find Donovan and his men.
      Christie serves as the protagonist to contrast with Helena's role, as we are revealed more of her life story and the snippets of DOATEC and Donovan that weren't addressed in the games.
      Christie, Kasumi and Helena take on Donovan in the final battle.
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    15. King Anubis
      King Anubis
      I think we just have to see how the story goes. I personally hope there’s a showdown between Ryu, Momiji and Rachel and Nyo, Ayane and Hayate vs Raidou and Kasumi Vs Phase 4
    16. TheDragonAwakens
      So if DOAD is no longer a retcon, how much of DOA5 is actually canon, because if I remember correctly, DOA5's story was created based on DOAD.
    17. Brute
      DOA5 was ambiguous enough with its references to past games that it could have been from either canon.
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    18. King Anubis
      King Anubis
      I personally think Nyotengu, Raidou and Phase 4 are the end bosses of DOA6. The bio’s they have in 5 really hint that. I would be star struck if Raidou wouldn’t be an end boss after they brought him back. Nyo I’m still kind of unsure about since she seems more neutral and just came to earth to troll. Phase 4 being the end boss in 6 is really obvious, after the events of 5 she was ready for mass production.
    19. King Anubis
      King Anubis
      Raidou died in 1 and wasn’t playable until a update of 5. If characters die, become paralysed or disappear for whatever reason it’s reasonable that they’re not playable. Ein and Leon don’t really have a story anymore, they’re only filler characters that are here solely for the gameplay. If I a game follows a story and the story moves forward it’s normal for characters to leave, die or something else These characters already had their story to be told. Alpha died in 5 it would be really strange to let her return to 6 when she has no purpose in that game besides gameplay.
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