The Dead or Alive 6 Photography Thread


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With the DOA6 Online Beta Test coming out shortly, I decided it would be pretty neat to make an official Dead or Alive 6 Photography Thread! ^.^

The purpose of the thread is pretty simple: Got any cool badass pictures of Kasumi? Got a funny shot of Helena? Or maybe you have a sexy shot of Eliot or Christie? Share it here and let's showcase how good and evolved the game looks now! :-D The beta will be limited but it's still a good chance for picture taking and this thread will be available when the full game comes out as well

However there are a few rules:

-When sharing a plethora of pictures, please put the rest in spoilers if you have more than 3 or 4, so that way the page won't be a nightmare to load.

-Only DOA6 pictures are allowed, nothing else besides if there's other possible iterations. Occasional DOA5 to DOA6 comparisons are welcome but the pictures MUST be virtually identical so that the comparisons are as blatant as possible, I love these types of side by side comparisons!

-Try to limit your posting in the thread to about maybe 1-2 posts per day. If you have alot of pictures, try to post them in one post so it won't seem like a clutter of pics and so your pictures will be in one neat place within a post's spoilers.

-Pics CAN be sexy but don't go overboard, no blatant upskirt shots, girls having their legs spread open or anything like that. Try to find a balance of sexy and natural.

-This thread is mainly for pics. comments and compliments on people's pics are always welcome but save all the technical textures, graphics, 4K mumbo jumbo for the Graphics thread or elsewhere.

-Don't go off-topic, no arguing, and no derailing.

-Finally have fun and be creative! Picture taking is fun but be sure to think outside the box, take pictures and find techniques to capture key moments so your pics wont look like anyone else's!

And alas that's it, so when the beta comes out and more importantly when the full game drops as well, share your pics here! I love nice pics so chances are if you post a picture I love here you'll get a guaranteed like from me! Lets get into it!


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Note: only one thing it's bothers me is Diego's facial is like totally off, I doubt the final build facial hairs could get thicker


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