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The International Interviews: #25 LordXav1er

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    Fussa, Japan
    Main Character:
    A1R GEAR
    PSN ID:
    "Heroes Never Sleep"
    - LordXav1er

    This man needs no introduction and this interview definitely speaks for itself. Players know him for his enthusiasm and high level skill set for his one and only Hitomi. He has been leveling up each and every tournament and consistently getting better from it. Watch out for him in the next major. He is Lord Xavier.

    What's your name? Gaming Alias?

    Xavier Leigh Burrell, Xavier got it from my mom whose a big X-men fan [Storm is her favorite super hero] and Leigh from my dad who loves Bruce Lee just spelled it different. Last name is just my mom’s side maybe this foreshadows me being a huge momma’s boy? [Yeah get your laughs out now while you can…]

    <3 Mom
    I’m sure by now everyone knows me as LordXav1er which I made way back when I was like 9 or 10 from playing Runescape online a lot. Others may just call me Lord X or X.


    Where is the place you call home? Best places to do and eat?

    Born and raised in North / South Kingston, Rhode Island till age of 9 then moved to Providence, Rhode Island for better opportunities been here ever since now I am 24 about to be 25 on September 30th end of this month will creep up fast. My second home is now X1 Elite Gaming Lounge which I invite all of you to check it out sometime we are located at 725 Branch Ave Providence, Rhode Island 02904 call 401-444-0835 for more details.

    There is actually a lot to do in in the smallest state called Rhode Island making it a great tourist spot for just about anything food, gaming, attractions, etc it is all here and if you still bored drive a few hours around New England. MA & CT super close as well as their own beast and you will be bound to find something to keep you busy… [Geezus I am spoiled rotten!] Come on down fam and spend some good times with LordXav1er.

    Stop by Jersey Mikes or Thai Café with me as these are my favorite food spots to eat next to me.

    How did you come up with the name Lord Xavier? What's the story behind it?

    Well you see as a kid I tried to enter my username as X or Xavier first but they were taken in this online game called Runescape I wanted to join in which looked very cool to me at age 9 or 10. First time I had to make an identity for myself that no one ever used so I was like screw it I’ll be LordXavier because I am best Xavier ever… THAT NAME WAS STILL TAKEN!!! So then I was like whatever I’ll be #1 and it hit me to replace the “i” with a “1” and bam stuck with this name ever since in everything and it has never been taken by anyone else but me… just the way I like it. For the record I maxed out all stats in Runescape and was one of the best clan leaders… we at least had the most fun before I dropped that game <3

    When did you start playing DOA both casually and competitively?

    I have been watching DOA since late DOA 3 on G4 TV, YouTube, etc when I was a kid in middle / high school bored with too much time on my hands. For some reason this insane but beautiful fighter kept popping up and catching my eye to entertain me and I had no understanding what so ever as to what was happening on the screen. But graphics looked stunning, stages were insane, it was 3D, Some Karate girl kicking butts omg fanboy alert! I couldn’t believe what this game was like compared to Smash since that’s all I knew. Eventually I bit the bullet and followed DOA hard making accounts on DOACentral and FreeStepDodge a long time ago before even playing or being in same spot as a DOA game which I thought I had to go buy it from Japan at one point….

    May 25th 2012 is when I started playing my first DOA and that was Dead Or Alive Dimensions on the 3DS that I finally got my hands on one! This is nearly one full year later upon its release I found this bad boy at GameStop in Providence Place Mall and this was during the time I was learning to like a bunch of other fighting games like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Soul Calibur V had been pulling in my interest a lot on the 3D side really only was a Smasher till 3D hit my life hard. I casually entered a few tourneys for DOA 4 at HavenShine since it was similar to DOAD and all we had at the time to our exposure only got 2nd at all of them only losing to Icychains Ein or JudasWarrior Kasumi / Helena who kept winning… Otherwise just played on 3DS for hours with Awesmic and whoever else in ranked or by my street passes xD

    2013 was the year I decided was going to actually be competitive in other games including DOA started off hosting my first local OST 7 June 30th 2013 my first tournament I took for real and was like screw 2nd I am winning a dang DOA tourney! I literally bought Dead Or Alive 5 for PS3 1 day before event so we had the proper game and set up. I slept over HavenShine beating story mode and trained with my best friend JudasWarrior all day. We were ready for the first real DOA 5 tournament where we had GrimmieTime come in to invade and he actually won it pretty easily with his Kokoro and guess who got 2nd again… from then on I befriended him and little did I know he would take me to my first major in 1 month Summer Jam 7 in Philadelphia!!! Just like that everything happening so fast only in the DOA community I swear! Then the rest well I’m sure you guys followed along right? XP


    What are your DOA achievements? What are you most proud of?

    I have never gotten lower than 4th place at my local DOA events in my region for my entire career... That’s actually pretty good achievement now that I think about it… multiple 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place in all of New England for DOA.
    Top 8 multiple majors for DOA. I guess my favorite achievements were beating my demons JudasWarrior, Gill Hustle and BBoyDragon. Then on top of various great wins such as ShadeSwifteye, Blackmoonrisingx, Sly Bass, etc. Just know this list is far from done yet as it’s only the beginning still!

    What honestly makes me most proud is not what I do… I know weirdo alert! But it’s more what you guys do. I am always proud to actually see other people playing DOA! I have got every reaction known to man just playing this game by myself in the corner at venues some still think its another 3D Fighter half the time xD. I am proud to spend time out of my day to spar and train with people online (Almost every Hitomi you know I may have trained) and especially offline the amount of grinding in New England I’ve done x_x… This makes me the happiest person on the planet to play my favorite game with others or just be that weird stalker / spectator and watch you guys beat each other up in it. I have never worked so hard to teach a game or build a scene in any other game to be honest than I have for DOA so far (STILL WORKING ON IT) and I want this one to be big as the one I started Super Smash Bros, one day… Keep this dream alive guys I am counting on each and every one of you…


    Do you have any stories you would like to share that happened to you within the DOA community?

    This interviewer really doesn’t want me to shut up? I got a story for every single time I play this game offline [geezus] but I’ll share one unforgettable story I guess xD
    So a really cool story that I love that we did we all got up early to take a picture with Rocky

    You can barely see me in the back there under Matt Ponton lol so here is more proof I was there!

    This event really brought the community together at NEC and I look forward to doing something like this again at future events where almost all of us can be united as DOA Lovers.



    For the people who don't know you, who is your main character? Why have you stuck with this character for a extended period of time? Costume of choice? What are her pros and cons?


    This is actually a question you had to ask me!?!?!?!? Hitomi all day, every day, past, future and present I couldn’t ask for a better character <3
    I stuck with this character for so long because she is in so many ways like me it is scary, neutral and friendly toward everybody, very charismatic, full of energy, never gives up, I could go on and on but I’m sure you all can see why for yourself or at least will soon enough!


    Super Hitomi She has super powers duh. Nah I just love super heroes because I am one myself [FREAKING NERD!!!] and I love how well this fits her <3 amazing job to Team Ninja!!! I swear if your set up doesn’t have this and it being used for a tournament I am at we are fighting outside xD

    Pros - Man everything nothing but goodness coming from Hitomi but it is definitely all about your use of power and fundamentally understanding the game DOA well to use her at her best!

    Cons - Not able to jump over or cross people up reliably, lows could be better, is in love with Hayate and has yet to win DOA tourney in the story. [It is going to happen believe it!]

    Are there any players you look up too? Why?

    Hmmm I look up to the community leaders and veterans the most as long as they are not complete jerks or too egotistical [Respect is earned it is not a given] because they came before me and I respect my elders or they are putting in work in some way shape or form to keep this game around. I am inspired however by all of you who simply take a good amount of time to keep playing DOA and it fuels me to keep getting stronger too. I honestly wouldn’t of kept playing if so many people weren’t so supportive of me in this community in and outside the game everything counts to me.

    What do you think about the state of DOA5? Are you still playing it?

    I think it’s still the most fun and my favorite fighter to play no matter how many others I try I keep dragging myself right back to this one… Someone help me please I am addicted to DOA! Am I still playing it??? Pssssh I was playing as I wrote this and I am playing this as you are reading this @_@.

    How is the DOA scene in your area? Is it stagnant or growing?

    DOA has sorta stagnant for right now but I am in the process of revival and reorganizing it I just recently left HavenShine and am mustering up a new scene for Rhode Island so be on the look out!

    Do you think we will hear anything about DOA 6 this or next year?

    I’ll bank on next year and who knows it may have a different name than “DOA 6” *wink wink*

    What would you like to be implemented in DOA6?

    Characters -
    More Characters and Fighting Styles! The more unique they are the better and more in depth a fighting game will become. Characters make a game whether you believe it or not so guest characters are always hype too!

    Jumping - Give it a Soul Calibur or VF edge where every character could have a universal jump or cross up it would help body wake up even more. All they had to do was make holding square then pressing up or up and a direction to make a character leap in DOA 5.

    Way More Stage Dynamics - I feel Team Ninja only gave us a teaser this time around. Give every stage as many cliff hangers as possible that is hype! More crazy transitions or intractable stage hazards is always cool too keep it unique and fresh compared to any other fighters out there is where we shine. Tired of Smashville to start in Smash 4 xD

    Tag - Make Tag great don’t change it from solo mechanics make them both good. I feel the making people launch higher in tag just gave birth to infinites.

    Character Interactions - This is what I love about Injustice 2 certain characters fighting interact differently from introductions, during fight all the way to the outro really makes a story scene or even the fights more personal. Same thing with tag would be crazy hype!

    Would you want to see Team Ninja create a Capcom Cup Tour for DOA6?

    Oh heck yeah, I’d be all over something like this you won’t have to ask me twice. DOA Esports route let’s do this!

    Any advice you would give Team Ninja for it?

    We got to all promote it like never before, get some cross platform playing going and make PC DOA better as well as online better this stuff gets the audience rolling let’s start using smash.gg and all this fun stuff the rest of the world is doing with their fighters… but let’s do it even better!

    If you were to describe your play style in 3 words; What would they be?

    Explosive, Creative & Legendary

    What are your weaknesses in your game that you need to improve on?

    My reactions and combo game is all types of bunz working on it every single day of my life until I can finally be satisfied with these!

    What's your typical routine when preparing for an upcoming tournament?
    Consistently watching my opponents I always pay attention to every detail.



    Are there any tournaments you prepping up for the upcoming future?


    Any local I can create or find call me addicted like my sister will.

    Northeast Championships (NEC 18): https://www.facebook.com/events/119603848691497/
    I hope to see each and every one of you here.


    Are you going to EVO Japan next year? They might have a DOA5 tournament.

    Confirm a DOA tournament then we’ll talk ^_~

    Which versions of DOA do you like and hate the most? Why?

    I like DOA 5 and DOAD the most? I am probably super bias since I started for real with these two but I honestly think both are amazing in so many ways I can’t describe without making a book!

    Hate… ouch such a strong word fam… but I am 100% bias here I dislike DOA 1 & 2 because no Hitomi!!! Come on Team Ninja why you not think of this awesome character sooner! Don’t you guys dare say you should just play Ein…

    Even though it is the tail end of DOA5LR, was there something you would like to have changed?
    Nothing really I think overall DOA 5 is fine just give the males more costumes and newer characters if you can till the next one if you can make tag launch height same as solo that be boss but I am probably asking too much by now they may already be plotting for next game xD

    Any players you enjoy watching or would like to play against?

    Been watching players like Master, Swoozie. Perfect Legend, Sorwah, Rikuto, Chosen1, Hoodless, Vanessa of course forever now since I started seeing DOA and still would love watching them play now.
    Nowadays I get hype for the new blood [Yeah that’s right I’m part of the new blood squad so bring it on old timers!] Seeing people like SweetRevenge, Kwiggles, E-mann, Xcalibur, Hajin, Rojikku, Force Of Nature, Fyre, HollowIchigo, Cooking Mama, NoctTengu, and many more new bloods making moves nowadays I am always on your side unless you against USG or RI then gotta root for my inner fam xD
    Also I love watching international play when I get the chance and time to!
    Now as for whom I would like to play is Vanessa and Tanii and any other Hitomi mains out there I would love to play with all of you!


    What other games do you also enjoy playing? Do these games help with your overall play in DOA? If so, what?

    Fighting Games:

    Soul Calibur V, Tekken 7, Smash 4, Injustice 2, Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition, King Of Fighters 14, Nitro+ Blasterz, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Virtua Fghter 5: Final Showdown any others are once in awhile

    Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Megaman, Pokemon, some other fun games my casual self will give a shot but won’t stick as long as these xD
    Uh yeah if it isn’t reactions or fundamentals there is always something I can take from a video game and apply back into DOA in some way shape or form.

    Final Tier List for DOA5LR?

    Hitomi is SSS Tier dunno why rest of you guys even trying to play the game with other characters at this point.

    Ok but for real I don’t got one I feel this one of the only games where it is character comfort, player skill and knowledge that will lead you to victory this time around any character can win a major just ask yourself what is stopping YOU from doing this?

    If you could create a DOA character from scratch for DOA6, How would you make that character? Gender? Martial Arts? Default Costumes?

    A Native American Girl it’s cool to see my culture in fighting games! She would be respectful and very nature loving as well as kind and peaceful. She just knows when the time is right to throw hands and is strong willed!
    The most known Martial Art for the culture may be Okichitaw but truth is there have been styles and training in hand to hand combat and strategy waaaay before people settled over here so I am confident team ninja could come up with something spicy and cool ^_~
    Keep it traditional haha really don’t mind as looks as it looks cool!




    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…


    Who are the DOA commentators you enjoy listening to?

    Master -
    Fun and informative about DOA

    Sorwah - Always good to hear him speak about the players and community

    Allan Paris / LuckyLoopz - Very knowledgeable and solid breakdowns

    ShadeSwifteye - Definitely knows his stuff

    BboyDragon - This kid is crazy but love him lol

    Rojikku - Very good new commentator who I expect to see more

    Sly Bass + Jaegar - A great duo to have always a great time with them too!

    LordXav1er - Yeah crazy I like hearing myself talk xD

    You - Honestly I really hope to see more people hop on the mic and give it a shot I love everyone who does and have faith in you all so don’t be shy!


    For a player going to their first offline tournament, what would be one thing you would say to him/her?


    Ok real talk I say one or the other:
    ⦁ Have Fun. Whether you win or lose I don’t really care as long as you enjoy this game we all trying to play. Get as many casuals in as possible enjoy yourself and meet and mingle with all of us NERDS!!!
    ⦁ Play Me. That is what we both came here to do so let’s let the game do all the talking and cherish this historical moment in time!

    If you could give an advice for the aspiring competitive DOA player, what would you have to say to them?

    Keep Playing - There are times we all feel we hit a wall, reach our goals or limits but that shouldn’t stop you from coming out to compete when you get a chance. Whether you are brand new, old veteran bones or just never thought about competition don’t stop playing come and join us and get to know people.

    Be Yourself - It’s less about being the best it’s more about being YOUR BEST.
    Ask Questions - A large majority of this community is very helpful and responsive compared to all the communities I am a part of this is still the best one!

    Join My Dojo - I am always down to spar or personally train with you!!! Just step into my Dojo can you handle this intense, rigorous and painful training?

    Are there any quote you live by? If so and why? OR...what is your favorite quote?

    "Heroes Never Sleep"

    Super Heroes are like my favorite thing ever, I am self-proclaimed and am widely accepted with the title "Hero of Rhode Island" if I had one super power, I definitely have FUTURE READS!

    Really I operate a lot like Batman (work from a lair and love quietness and darkness just fine compared to the rest of my family even sneak up on them lol)

    But I am as courageous outspoken and very much will stand up or my beliefs like my favorite super hero Wonder Woman

    I have 1 more final quote!

    It wouldn't feel right without this one

    "X Gon Give It To Ya"

    ... At NEC [​IMG]

    I see that you wear earphones. Are you listening to music or the gameplay with you play matches?

    I listen to music. It can be a mix of just about anything to be honest from some hype music like this that nets me sick wins

    What music are you listening too? What gets you at the right mindset?

    What do you think of the DOA Character Specialist Spreadsheet and Polls?

    I think it was a good topic to bring up around this time in DOA 5's life while everyone anticipating a new one it got people thinking

    You won the polls with Hitomi. How do you feel about that? Does this make you want to venture out and play all the best Hitomis in the world especially Tanii and Ivan?

    I was and still am super excited to hear such news. I been on a quest to be the best Hitomi ever since I started when I didn't even know what a 6T was or own a DOA game! It's been a huge goal of mine forever ago.

    But I will still not rest easy with such a victory from a poll I want to prove it to myself and the globe by doing something a Hitomi has yet to do. WIN A MAJOR and you know which one I have locked down next? NEC!!!


    I still do what to play every Hitomi I can especially offline I learn from every encounter with one for sure.

    bu I guess the top ones I have yet to are definitely a priority Tanii Ivan You Dallaz Vanessa I and anyone else I see putting in work for OSU!!! Nation we gotta throw down in DOA.

    What are your favorite match highlights?

    Perhaps my most fun and best highlight that got recorded and pushed to youtube was me vs Blackmoon a long time friend I got into the DOA scene and been training with since we first met in ranked. Most people don't know he had 0 interest in coming offline till we became good friends at least not for DOA he thought about it for Tekken only at those time. Since then tho Hitomi + Leifang been powering up!

    Enjoy a classic much needed Cabbage Match

    Some oldies but goodies it was much relief when I finally beat IcyChains in a tourney and it was none other than DOA (he used to get 1st in DOA 4 & Soul Calibur V tourneys at havenShine) my very first demon was finally down also the one who helped fuel me to get better in 3D fighters cuz he loved trolling in game when winning x_x

    Here's another oldie but goodie where I beat two demons

    Bodying that Scrub man F*** BBoyDragon and Gill Hustle in our First DOATEC Rumble hosted by LinkSVC

    To make his salt even more sweet he challenged me to a 100 Dollar Money Match and I ended him [​IMG]

    even tho I lost to SonicFox I feel this video highlighted me to be known more world wide seeing how well I could keep up with one of the most known young talented players in the world made a big impact to everyone who knew me as well as people who had no idea about DOA they were hype how well I played showing Hitomi has potential to win

    Represented lil ole Ri

    Another Demon taken down off my list definitely one of the craziest of all my highlights Sly Bass was the first person to body me on stream back for the first DOA Major I went to with only 1 months practice for Summer Jam 7... I been waiting to play him again because I needed to show him how far I truly have come!

    1:17:30 me vs Devine Etro

    This was a good match to get out of pools I feel it showed a lot of people Hitomi is still a threat.

    I feel this was a great highlight showed that even the best in world can't just pick any character and win an entire tournament (He proceeded to beat everye and even win the tourney over Rikuto with Rachel) I made a statement that I wouldn't lose to pockets in DOA a long time ago to BBoy and Judas still sticking true to it.

    I remember overhearing him talk about how he can win this all rachel a character he only been using 1 or 2 weeks before our match xD

    last video one I could find

    me vs my first and most annoying but also most fun demon best friend and training partner

    without this man playing over a billion matches with me in everything especially DOA his childhood fighter. I wouldn't be where I am today been grinding to beat and grow stronger with him forever.

    me and JudasWarrior still talk shit to each other when we can [​IMG]

    the only highlight that I wish got pushed to YT was me vs ShadeSwifteye... that proved all the training I did with Judas really payed off since both go Kasumi and play similar

    The Japanese DOA scene is huge here. Are there any players in Japan you are intrigued to play against?

    I wish that DOA was even bigger here but yeah I'd love to play everyone for sure. I guess the only player I got my eyes set to get games in is TeruRock seeing I gotta try this beast Leifang really cool dude too.

    Do you play with a controller or stick?

    I am 100% controller and that is the way it is gonna be. I love my wireless stuff.

    Would you want to try to play in the DOA Japanese Arcades?

    Of course I would love to try out DOA Arcades in Japan the bring it back old school way with my favorite fighter? I can' wait to relive an experience like that even if I end up playing a bit worse xD

    Do you have a Twitter, Facebook or Youtube channel people can follow you on?

    Yes! Would love you guys to follow me:
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/LordXav1er

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LordXav1er

    YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/LordXav1er

    Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/ugs_lordxav1er or https://www.twitch.tv/ugslive

    Any last messages? Shoutouts?

    FreeStepDodge & DOAWorld -
    For Making this community possible and connected

    Team Ultimate Gaming Style - my second family at this point

    New England DOA Scene - I will continue to make us even better

    Thank you A1R-GEAR for giving me a lovely interview

    Streamers - All of you constantly putting our game in a good spotlight giving me something to watch

    Big E and Crew - For hosting amazing DOA majors

    Team Ninja - For all the support they constantly show us in person and with their game

    You - Took time out of your day to read all this or have been super supportive of me <3

    Last Question. I've noticed you frequently saying this word a lot. Why do you love saying OSU!!?

    It means "I'll try my best giving 100%" and me personally I give way more than 100% in whatever I set my mind to.


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      Longest DOA interview yet!
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    2. Aldrarie Roselph 10/16
      Aldrarie Roselph 10/16
      Wow. I am miles away to even being good at DOA, let alone being the greatest Marie Rose player. Noob here.
      Hitomi is love <3
      I consider Hitomi as my fake girlfriend lol
      Marie Rose is my true girlfriend hehe
      Quite an article/interview. GG
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      This was inspirational as heck my feels fam.
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      What an interview. Good stuff here, guys.
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    6. Darkslay
      Dang. The lore for Lord X goes far beyond what I expected. But that's what I love about these interviews. Hearing the stories and backgrounds of players you've always heard of for a long time. This one I think is my new favorite. X's enthusiasm and positivity towards the game and its growth is something a lot of players in this community could learn a lot from. Good man.

      I'll be cheering for you, bud. Keep doing your thing out there. OSU!!!
    7. Force_of_Nature
      Ahhhh!!!!! It's LordX!! 'Bout damn time haha! It is ridiculous how much Xavier has leveled up at DOA5 (& SCV) from when I encountered him as far back as 2012. His commitment to his mains is quite respectable too. Doesn't care about tier lists or any of that jazz, just plays whoever he likes and makes them work. But the thing I give Xavier the biggest props for is his support of the Havenshine FGC out in RI. Knowing how difficult it is to maintain a community for niche fighting games, it seriously is awesome what he'd done for the FGC in that region.

      "Bodying that Scrub man F*** BBoyDragon and Gill Hustle in our First DOATEC Rumble hosted by LinkSVC". Lol, I knew there'd be a mention of this :cool:!

      Great interview guys! I can feel Xavier's energy throughout the whole thing haha!

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      Great player, great interview...
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      I runescape too:D
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      Long, but enjoyable. Good lord, what a read.
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      *bows to Shifu/Sensei* AMITUOFO & OSU!!! ;) :p <3 __/l\__
    12. elfsongtavern
      Love you, Sensei! For the Ii Clan! Can't wait to face you one day in a tournament. Osu!
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