DOA5LR Tips and Tricks for Beginners and Advanced

Team NINJA's Youtube Tutorial series for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round continues this time detailing the art of Critical Statuses. When I first started playing fighting games, understanding this element was one of the more challenging aspects for me, and this element can also expose how well a player knows their character. When a single move can have many different options, it can be difficult to anticipate what's coming next. That's why legends like Sweet Revenge, Kwiggle, Sonic Fox, Emann and Bladez are able to paint such a beautiful picture when they compete as they are maximizing their damage on multiple factors.

This system, while complex can also be proven by the caliber of our incredible offline talent. The lasting fighters have truly applied what they have explored to their playstyles, and one would think that alone would question anyone who still thinks DOA is a "shallow" fighting experience. @DestructionBomb also provides us with tips that while situational are good strategies to add to our environment game.

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