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Characters UGS NoctTengu's Nyotengu Complete Combo Video

Discussion in 'Nyotengu' started by NoctTengu, Mar 16, 2017.

By NoctTengu on Mar 16, 2017 at 2:15 PM
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    The long awaited Nyotengu combo video for many from NoctTengu is finally here. This is the most complete Nyotengu combo video you will ever see. Some know I've been working on this for a very long time and I'm happy to see it finally finished.

    Since the day the Tengu Princess came to DOA5U Arcades, I've been studying and taking note of all info I find on her. Including combos. A little over a year ago, I just thought why not put part of that work into a video. I planned to include and had footage for uphill combos and pretty much the entire list redone for the Dangerzone stage, but I think we can all agree it wouldn't be very enjoyable to watch repeats of previous combos. This video shows every type of combo she can do (along with good options downhill) without repeating too many, too many times if it's not necessary.

    All combos done by yours truly. Hope you enjoy.

    Special thanks to YinCresent for helping out with the intro footage, my friends and followers for the support, and Team Ninja for creating the Tengu Princess.

    Attack on Titan combos were also originally planned to be in this, but if you want to see those, check out my other video here:

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Discussion in 'Nyotengu' started by NoctTengu, Mar 16, 2017.

      I have a question.
      Why would you include 5 combos from the same exact identical launcher on the same weight? Why not just keep best combo in the video and discard the weaker ones?
      e.g. https://aww.moe/n7y9cu.mp4
      why DOA combo videos do this? This has been haunting me for years
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    2. DestructionBomb
      I mean, some combos is still practical in dire situations. Akira for example has the 6KP into palm combo for max damage (best one), however the 3x knees into DLC (3H+KP466P+K) is lower damage (only by a short bit) but has way more pushback that may even net you a wall for more damage than the standard 6KP palm setup (landing it on small stages like the wrestling stage will almost guaranteed to net you a wall). Also the extra portion is that the 6KP into palm can be affected by slopes in the game which may cause it to whiff. The 3x knees into DLC isn't affected by slope at all except the really obvious ones like the Desert uphill.

      Better to list them than nothing at all for people that have issues performing some, or ones that is more safe on them on the long run without dropping any. Damage is damage really, and it's important to inflict damage as long as you get the win.
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      You're describing Akira combos with different input execution difficulties and that's fine, but this is Nyotengu we're talking about, it's not like she has any execution lol. And all the combos in that example were performed against the same exact wall. If each combo displayed in the example was supposed to cover some kind of niche, then I have failed to understand what they were.
    4. DestructionBomb
      You are not incorrect on the execution part and I don't disagree with you, but I mentioned that one has more pushback than the other and the damage scaling is not too far off from between the two. I mean, if i'm dealing with the slope (which quite a few stages has that and even the minor ones affect 6KP palm) I'd prefer to use the other in that situation not because of execution, but because the damage will be more consistent on the long run there even if it's slightly weaker. If I'm in a moderate small stage like the gym or wrestling arena, I'd prefer to use the DLC since it's almost certain to net a wall every single time and more damage to boot from the splat ender. There could be many other reasons why one person prefer to use something here than the other. As for the same exact wall thing you are not wrong but hey, damage is damage and I see nothing wrong with it being different.

      Kinda like Mai where I once thought her Air T isn't on priority when you can just wallsplat them for more damage with that pushback attack she has, but then people to start realize that there is floor environments or going for the kill. (Temple/Home/Lab floor damage). Some moves do not provide the highest priority output to these things but there is definitely beneficial use to them.

      Here's one. Akira's parry:

      Parry P > 214P > P > DLC = Same damage
      Parry P > Knee > P > DLC = Same damage (more pushback for wall damage)

      However when you do 214P near a wall, you can gain extra damage with another two jabs into low into a DLC for more damage than open space. So this makes the first one not entirely useless as one thought it would be.
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    5. deathofaninja
      Looks absolutely incredible. Magnificent work.
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      I see what you're trying to say with the different environmental damage potential combos, I too change my juggles according to it, but bruh, the example. It was always the same wall. The same stage. The same floor. There was no electrified floor among those 5 combos, no need for big pushback, no cliffhanger, no danger zone, nothing.

      You are right in your logic DB, but that logic is not used in most of the combo videos I see. How do you excuse this redundant shit? https://aww.moe/i8qii1.mp4 only the last combo is worth learning
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    7. KasumiLover69
      It's his guide, and a great one at that. How about you let him the fuck alone, for once quit being an ass, if he felt that was the right thing to do then let him do it and quit whining.
      I asked a legit question you weeb fuck
    9. Brute
      @WAZAAAAA Potentially different oki options as follow-ups. Even if they're all the same damage or input-skill on the same environment, the final hit used will leave different recovery frames for unholdables, force-techs, etc.

      Other times they do it because some people think "new tech" is interesting even when it's useless.
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    10. WAZAAAAA
      I doubt that's the reason. The video has 0 force techs, 0 unholdables, and it doesn't display the frame advantage anywhere. Am I supposed to imagine them?
    11. Brute
      Well, if you play the character you should know what options are available from what enders. That said, I did provide an alternative explanation for those other cases.
    12. Omega Ayane
      Omega Ayane
      Proud of you brother! This combo vid is awesome and I hope people who are interested in exploring Nyo, use your combo guide to their advantage :)
    13. Mr. Wah
      Mr. Wah
      Any of those five instances might inspire someone to try using those enders elsewhere or exploring more of the character in new unique ways.
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    14. SilverForte
      Great stuff man, glad to see this kind of content come out.
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    15. WAZAAAAA
      k then let's say I'm making a Christie combo video to "explore more of the character in new unique ways". The followups from 8K will be these 5:
      1) P
      2) PP
      3) PPP
      4) PPPP
      5) PPPP2P

      Are the first 4 options better than #5 for damage? Okizeme? Tech Rolls? Unholdables? Environmental damage? Literally anything? No, they're all inefficient, a waste of time which should not exist in a combo video that tries to be helpful. And DOA combo videos are usually full of this waste for some reason.
    16. iHajinShinobi
      @WAZAAAAA dude we get it, you don't like the video. Let's move on please? There are plenty of other people that will get value out of the video if they are learning how to get good damage with this character.
    17. WAZAAAAA
      I'm probably looking like the bad ugly ogre in this thread, but I'm just trying to understand the logic used behind these videos. I just wish we could clone Emperor Cow to make real DOA combo videos for everyone, only then people would ACTUALLY get good lel.
    18. Awesmic
      @WAZAAAAA: If I were in your shoes and my concerns about the video were genuine, I would've addressed my concerns on how he could improve on the video in private.
    19. Brute
      Just dense.

      Which is completely unnecessary because I know you understand the situation. You're just trying to spin things rhetorically in a way that was already shot down.

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