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Bass - Strategy - DOA5LR - Historical

Applied By UncleKitchener: Aug 20, 2015 at 2:49 PM

Bass - Strategy - DOA5LR


Bass is a heavy wrestler with strong grabs and mid. If your opponent decides to duck under throws, his mids would convince them otherwise.

Nitaku (50/50)(top)

Nitakus or a two-choice guessing is a fundemental aspect of the game after gaining frame advantage. The most fun part of Bass is setting up a nitaku situation and dealing high damage from said situation.

Most of his nitaku Games usually start when you have frame advantage and +3 is decent and +5 gives you more options in general. Most of the time, you end up getting such numbers after a guard break or a counter hit situation like :2::P: or :P::K:. Other mich better nitaku situations like post :6::h::+::P: where you're at +10 give you loads of free reign to set up something deadly and that's where you'd either go for another throw reset or a mid like :3::K: against crouching opponents to launch them.

All of his throws are good for any given situation, you'd want to make :6::h::+::P:, :214::h::+::P:, :63214::h::+::P: and TFBB (while rising :6::4::h::+::P:) your main throws in the situations.

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