Man look at those setups, I really need to play you again...
You'll notice at 5:22 it starts the animation of 236P+K, but I screwed up the follow up inputs. By the time the first animation ends, I'm already at the final input of the combo, 46P+K, which is why that move came out.
and by input it like the SPoD, I mean buffer it in before the animations actually start.
Yep, what Mr. Wah said. You have to input it like you do the stun palm of doom, which is P+K, 43T, 4P.
Whats the input of Akira's GBoD?
Ah Infected Mushroom I like them. I need to listen to more of them I've known about them and been slacking.
Deeply Disturbed by Infected Mushroom
Name of BGM track? It sounds familiar.
My personal favorite is the 4 knee juggle against lightweights.
@Chaos It's his GBoD. It's a guard break-only combo.
@Koompbala - Yes, 33P is 18 frames. 666P is 14 frames, and 43P on fastest slow escape is 16 frames.
@Chaos - This is the combo you've mentioned. 3P+K, 4P, P+K, (6)P, 214P, P, 3H+K, P+K, 236P+K, 43P+K, 236P, 46P+K.
So I'm guessing the 33P can be held on the fastest SE after the sit down stun 43P? Which is why you launch with 666P instead? Also nice FT on that Rig in the last match.
That combo at 07:38 I never seen it before. o_O


Jun 17, 2013 at 1:40 AM
Posted by Sly Bass
Some matches for your viewing pleasure.
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