Aledged "Evidence" That I Am A Cheater

Okay Bayonetta,

For example, say if THE_KING_EDO who's new to DOA5U somehow beats one of the top players like UprisingJC and continuously brags about his victory. Normally, the masses who hear about this, would expect EDO to have skills that exceed the average beginner.

However, if EDO loses to someone beneath ~his~ skill level, he will be christened a Fraud for boasting skills he never had to begin with
There's two types of frauds in the FGC.

1.There's intentional misrepresentation of identity or intent. Or in other words, someone who acts higher than their actual skill level.

2. People who suck-up and/or leech off another person's reputation to advance their own agenda or personal gain.

It really boils down to one's perspective
I got a better question, how does one become a fraud in fighting games? As much as I hear/read it from random people I play or meet in a lobby, it's thrown around so damn casually.
I've been playing a lot of blaz blue, but i'll gladly fight you.
How is this cheating lol? All I see is a shitty Ein and shitty Bayman going at it
How does one even 'cheat' in video games? I think 'exploit' is always a better term.

Your ein is too stronk


May 5, 2014 at 5:34 PM
This guy called me out on being a cheater after beating his Bayman 4 times
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