Analyzing Lobby Matches #2 To help Team Ninja & Koei Tecmo make the Dead or Alive 7 reboot GREAT

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May 28, 2023 at 11:56 PM
Posted by NyaMiyamaFighter
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My Deepest DOA Desire (currently): Dimensions ported to Switch with an option for 4-way hold and 5-round matches.

Dead or Alive is owned by you, not me. These are my recommendations for DOA6Ultimate to make it a fun game that can't frustrate players even when they lose. I have faith in my game-designing abilities. I can help you.
0:00 Match Start
0:14 I think Brad Wong should not have bounced off the wall here. It doesn't look realistic or faithful to classic Dead or Alive games. Players will get annoyed if every hit puts them into a state where they have to stop playing the game and take free damage.

0:40 With the Counter Hit and Close-Hit multiplier, Rachels 236P does 78 damage. This move can be easily abused because no one is going to block due to the fear of UNbreakable throws depleting 1/5th of their life bar. Even if you reduce the damage of unbreakable throws, I believe Rachel's running punch still needs a damage nerf. It's more powerful than her running kick (66K). Kicks should almost always be more powerful than punches (there's more muscle in the legs).

1:10 This is Rachel's punishment for making a wrong guess in neutral with a hold. But I believe this is one of few situations when the Fatal Rush should fatal stun on the first hit. This shouldn't happen on Counter Hit. This is a fighting game--we OUGHT to attack our opponent. Being punished with a fatal stun caused by a medium-speed strike is a luck-based mechanic, not skill. If the Fatal Rush was as slow as Hitomi's 8H+K (24 frames), then the risk would justify the reward.

1:31 See... this hit reaction with the wall makes more sense to me. Brad slid off the wall because he was far away from it, but it should also happen if he was near it. No combo should come from this because it's not a danger zone nor a special bouncy ball wall from DOA5's circus stage.

2:26 I believe that the Break Blow sabaki shouldn't parry both high strikes and mid strikes unless you do it the way Street Fighter 6 does it whereas we can react to a Break Blow with our own Break Blow.
Otherwise, I suggest taking away the high parry effect but keeping the mid parry.
Because the Break Blow uses all 4 bars, I don't think you should copy SF6. The Drive Impact can be spammed in SF6. The Break Blow cannot be spammed in DOA6.

Do not reboot the franchise. Make DOA6Ultimate/Hardcore or another spin-off DOA fighting game with Xtreme minigames included.
Omitted (irrelevant or redundant) texts:
NOT APPLICABLE in regard to this match. I will suggest this idea in the future:
The Break Hold functionality is not competitive, and the majority of players dislike it.
There are a few ways you can fix it.
1. Make it use 4 break gauges.
2. Make it cost 3 break gauges, but it can't counter low strikes.
3. Make it only counter mid strikes, and increase its damage from 5 to 30.
4. Keep the 2-break gauge cost intact, but it will put the user at -2 disadvantage and cannot counter low strikes.
Personally, I like number 4 the best and number 2 second best.

2:34 I should be able to disable this costume from my perspective. Even though I like women, I do not seek to view women in this context. It is against my values. Make everyone happy by including more censorship options. You don't bother me, I don't bother you. That's how we live in peace.

We can still learn how to improve DOA's combat system even while watching casual gameplay.
I never finished Analyzing the DOA6 World Championship top 16. I haven't forgotten. I just don't feel like it right now.
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