You're actually incorrect to state that Mai running up to Nyotengu when she does 4P+K wind is a bad idea. Mai can run up and perform a 9P to whatever follow up to 9P to punish Nyo's 4P+K, whether she releases it or cancels it. Even at fullscreen.

Even if Mai does a late 9PP+K, she'll avoid the Wind altogether and Nyo gets hit. Obviously, Mai gets hit with bad timing. However this isn't easy to mess up.

In summary, Nyotengu will get punished for using 4P+K in the match up against Mai.


Apr 25, 2017 at 2:45 AM
Decided to take Nyos' 4P+K to the lab and figure out why it doesn't in alot of situations where it should, here are my findings and some possible Anti-Mai strats? watch and see for yourself
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