It doesn't work in every situation but i never knew what to do and when i watched some helena fights to see how helena players deal with helena i noticed that they where always techrolling and using a mid crush right after and it seemd like it worked. Anyway i never knew what to do so i just stood there and blocked but now i have a little bit of an idea on how i could react.
I dont think this works all the time. Its really a guessing game, just like before. Helena has other ways around this.
This does not get you out of the blender. Helena can easily just do her BKO low sweep or even counter this tactic by not doing 6P and letting you tech gaining even more advantage.
I have checked it out and it seems to be working well. However your opponent can wait for you to tech roll and hit you with another mix up. A solution for the later for hayabusa is to use his 4P+K. In Any case this does improve the odds to escape the blender at least for hayabusa,lei fang and kokoro there might also be other characters.
This tactic can be used to get out of the blender with any character who has a mid crush strike.


Mar 15, 2013 at 10:34 AM
Posted by Lasmir
I found this one out after analysing some Helena fights. It seems that when you tech roll and use a mid crush you can successfully get out of the blender without any problem. The worst thing that could happen is that your opponent counters your strike but either way you are out of the blender.
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