Brute (Hayabusa) vs Fork (Leon) Compilation

Serious Sam is epic.
Whoa. Classic stuff right here. Great matches!


Mar 22, 2014 at 7:42 AM
Posted by Brute
Several matches I had with DontForkWitMe. I personally love these matches, since these are by far the two most badass characters in the game, and Fork has the most brutal Leon I know. Don't normally name my opponents in uploads, but I see Fork doing so quite often, so I doubt he would mind. And, considering that he's kicking ass in this video, I can't imagine him being upset.

So, enjoy the carnage synced up with some awesome hard rock/heavy metal music! The music is mostly from Undercode, a Croatian band. The instrumentals can be found in the Serious Sam games, and I highly recommend you check the band out.

0:00 - Freedom is Mine (Undercode)
1:55 - As Above, So Below (Undercode)
3:47 - Enlightening the World (Undercode)
6:18 - Hero (Damjan Mravunac/Croteam)
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