Cali Crush Grand Finals - Hajin vs CrazySteady

Congrats Crazysteady! Fun match to watch.Helena is so evil.Its good to see an Ayane player in the finals though.
That was a really intense match you guys put up. Congrats :D
Wow congratulations!! Representing Helena players <3 great performance :)!
Thanks Kronin. Sorry to disappoint. :(
Yes, I was waiting to see your Jacky me too, so I was really surprised to realize you used your (great) Helena in these last matches of the tournament. Anyway good job to both you and Hajiin ;)
Ahh thank you. He will definitely be there. :)
I'm looking forward to that. Your Jacky is a beast, I learned a lot of Jacky tech by just watching your gameplay.
Sorry to disappoint King Jaimy.
Definitely next month at TFC, Jacky would be brought out.
Expect the Bryants to take over lol
Glad you like the fights though. :)
Awww... no Jacky :(
Enjoyed watching these fights by the way. :)


Sep 15, 2014 at 6:09 AM
Posted by Brute
CaliCrush tournament Grand Finals
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