CHRISTIE Dark_Ky vs MARIE Little_Puddy

I played him in SF and he was most impressive and humble even when playing good. Had a mean juri and stocked projectiles well.
A really entertaining match ^^! If only I played Marie Rose as good as you T_T! Good job Princess Kasumi ^^!
The taunt. The taunt must always be done. I especially love to do it on the "get ready" or at the end of round 1 to get them goin'. I usually regret it, but someday that angry response will work for me.
So much lost damage from that Christie :(
This guy has a mean Lisa if I remember correctly. He's playing her as if she was a flea or something, jumping all the time.


Nov 30, 2014 at 7:20 PM
Posted by Princess Kasumi
I joined a large EU lobby today, Dark_Ky had a win streak at 6 wins, as I joined!
He kept K.O'ing all the french players. M D I was whining calling Dark_Ky a spammer in French.

Dark_Ky's Christie is improving a lot! I lost the first match against his christie. & I really enjoyed watching him play
against the ( "high online ranked players" ) He really did kick some butt there!
2nd match (you can watch in the media section) Dark_ky had a 16 win streak!!! I was honestly quite impressed that he made it to 16 wins as he played against "star rank" Genfu,Christine.

GGs @@Dark_Ky I'm looking forward to see how much your Chistine has improved within 3months!
Extremely Good & Dangerous Christine I ever played!
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