Usually the best time to use his FSKs are during critical burst combos or after a power launcher. But yeah, talk with Nereus. He can definitely help you with Jacky.
lol I know 7K is terribly unsafe, I don't know why I just threw it out like that. And I think I'm having trouble knowing when it's a good opportunity touse his FSKs. I know a couple instances but that's it. I'm really hoping to actually stick with Jacky- something I've failed to do with some other characters.
You threw out a couple of unsafe attacks, like @1:11 and @2:13, which can be throw punished. You want to stick with safe attacks to build pressure, like 6PP, 4P2P, etc. Also, when you're trying to space out your opponent with Jacky, 4H+K is ideal as you can follow up with P+K and 1P+KPP. You also want to incorporate Jacky's Flash Sword Kicks into your gameplay as his FSKs are vital in getting good damage in his combos. If you want more advice, I'd suggest posting this in the Jacky forums or asking people like Nereus. He plays an excellent Jacky.


Jul 29, 2014 at 4:16 PM
Posted by RH_Stealth
I've used Jacky casually in the past, but I've only just started trying to use him seriously yesterday, and these 2 matches are from that day.

Any advice or tips about anything in general or with Jacky specifically would be greatly appreciated.
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