Dead or Alive 6 - Jann Lee Combo Video (Ver.2)

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Apr 8, 2019 at 6:54 PM
Posted by Darkslay

You people weren't ready.

A project that started literally since the game came out. The start for something that will hopefully be coming in the future. Hopefully the wait wasn't too long, haha. I want to thank everyone who has contributed and has been grinding with JL for tech and combos, you guys are the best. Here you will find the most complete, max damage combo guide for all weights, with bound conversions and stage interactables in all of the interwebz for Jann Lee in DOA6. You will also find a small breakdown for all stage interactions and general combo potential in a write up that will be available in a thread hosted on FreeStepDodge and on the Discord that will be both linked below.

0:25 - General Bnbs (All weights, launchers, walls, both meterless and bound conversions.
4:26 - Post-bound Enders
4:48 - SSA Punishes/BT Combos (4H+K and FR)
5:34 - Combos on Roped Stages (Sweat, The Muscle, etc)
6:51 - Combos on Invisible Walls
7:17 - Breakables (Meterless, bound), Miyabi (Double break Partitions)
10:05 - The Throwdown (Crowd bounce, BB into partition)
10:59 - Bouncy Wall Combos (A.O.P, Forbidden Fortune, etc)
12:25 - Chinese Festival Combos (Explosive wall, firecrackers, triple interactable)
14:07 - Road Rage Combos (Explosive car, tanker explosion, double car combo)
16:16 - Railing/Vault Over Combos (Hotzone only)
17:13 - Danger Zone Combos (Ground bounce, double extension, backturned untechables)
19:12 - Forbidden Fortune Combos (Explosive barrel, double explosion, backturned re-launch)
22:17 - ???????

Head on over to the JL combo thread for the written notes of this video and any potential updates by the community:

Join the Jann Lee Discord, we got DOGGOS!

Thank you all again so much for watching. It means the world. Until next time. Cheers.

I do now own any of the content used in this video, all rights reserved to the respective owner.
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