Dead or Alive 6 Kasumi Simple Lightweight Go-To Combos Video

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Mar 13, 2019 at 6:02 PM
Posted by KasumiLover
Hello, it's KasumiLover here! I noticed quite a few players want to use Kasumi in DOA6, so to help you ease your way in if you're new to Kasumi and need some starter go to combos, I made this video to help you! This video shows a variety of relatively simple but damaging and effective combos that can be used against all lightweight opponents!

The beginning shows more general combos, but as the video goes on you'll see progressively more specific but still relatively simple combos that can be used in the stages with that specific danger zones, for these I use the same base starter but you'll see a good number of alternative for if you want want wall hits, pedestrian hazards for more mix ups, or even just an opportunity for a break blow cancel for more insane damage! I hope you enjoy, ask me anything in the comments if you need help or have issues with a certain combo!✨

Just a heads up, remember that break blow cancels are guaranteed as long as your opponent does NOT have meter to escape the cancel or if they for some strange reason choose to not escape the cancel if they already have meter. furthermore, the final combos using the ceiling in the APO stage are guaranteed since the opponent wasn't able to hold fast enough before the H+K hit. In the future I may make another volume for lightweights if I find anything new, and I'll likely make a beginner combo video for medium weight opponents as well. Once again, enjoy and as Kasumi would say, "I will fight on!"
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