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Apr 3, 2019 at 12:56 AM
Posted by deathofaninja
Next Level Battle Circuit is a weekly tournament series in New York City featuring some of the best fighting game players in the world! Watch the fights live every Wednesday 8PM ET on

0:44 Xcaliburbladez (Helena) vs Spank (Brad Wong)
13:49 HannahMontana (Lei Fang/Christie) vs SonicFan (Rig)
28:39 RabiesCasting (Eliot) vs Pot Monster #2 (Raidou)
37:38 HannahMontana (Christie) vs RabiesCasting (La Mariposa)
47:15 Spank (Bass) vs RabiesCasting (Brad Wong)
56:00 RabiesCasting (Eliot) vs Xcaliburbladez (Nico)

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