Dead or Alive Lore Explained; Part 8 (Gen Fu): The Fists that Get Stronger With Age

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Oct 18, 2021 at 12:49 PM
Posted by Awesmic
NOTE: For the best optimal viewing and listening experience, turning the Closed Captioning feature on is recommended for the duration of this video.

0:00 - Early Beginnings of Gen Fu / A Brief History of Xinyi Liuhe Quan
2:30 - Introducing Gen Fu
4:28 - Gen Fu's Story: Saving Mei Lin
8:16 - Gen Fu's Story: Eliot's Succession
9:23 - Final Thoughts: Gen Fu Deserves Better (Narratively)
10:56 - Dead or Alive Lore Explained (Season 2)

As a personal tribute to the 25th anniversary of the 3D fighting game series, this collection of videos will cover the lore and the many aspects of the characters of Dead or Alive, such as their backstories, their past before the events of DOA, their personalities, and theorizing potentially good story directions they could take with them going forward!

EDITOR'S NOTE: The intended purpose for this upcoming video series is to educate fans new and old about the established lore and characters of Dead or Alive and the potential positive direction it could take for the series future. It is NOT intended to spew vitriol against the Dead or Alive series, its fans, nor the developers old and new. As such, I humbly ask that you don't use this video nor any others after it as a journalistic weapon for that purpose. However, you CAN share it with the intention of bringing a more positive awareness to the series. Someone may even learn or appreciate something about the series even more than they did before!

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