Dead or Alive - Zack Arcade Mode.

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Jun 29, 2020 at 9:21 PM
Posted by Sotherius
Character Description in the game manual:

Reporter: We're here with MR. ZACK who is about to participate in the DOA championship. MR. ZACK ....
Zack: Where's the camera? Are you sure you've got my best side?

Reporter: MR. Zack, uh, that's a little too close to the camera. Great. So I understand that you studied the oriental martial art Muay Thai...

Zack: Hey man, sorry. You know what I mean? Gotta go. Thanks for your support. It's gonna be a cool night. The prize is mine.

Reporter: Sir, I ...

Zack: Sorry, man. Be cool. This tournament rocks!

This is a series of videos focused on revisiting previous Dead or Alive Games and seeing the characters, how the game looked, the story and a bit of the movesets.

This is Dead or Alive 1 Ultimate, for the Xbox.
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