[DOA2++ MOD] Ein Edited Moveset (Time Attack)

@Hakkyoku-Ken:Budo Lion Yeah, I know what you mean :/ It's a shame he doesn't get the same treatment as the other characters, if he even makes it in the game to begin with.
As happy as this makes me, this kinda makes me sad since this will be the most Ein will ever get to an updated moveset


Jul 19, 2019 at 8:16 PM
Posted by usagiZ
Time attack with Ein's edited moveset.
Life Gauge set to Largest, Difficulty set to Normal.
Ein always seemed to lack options in his moveset, so my goal was to fill out his moveset a little more where he fell short.

Starting off, he has a new mid kick option as PP6K (0:12) it's -5 on guard.
He has a low option from 6K as 6K2K (0:20) which only stuns on CH.
9PK is now delayable (0:33)

2H+K is a low sweep (0:41) DOA2 Ein didn't have a 2H+K input, which TN fixed in later games.
6P+K does a crumple stun on NH and a knockdown on CH (0:58)
New follow-up to 3P as 3P3P (3_PP) (1:10) - A natural combo on normal hit.

2-in-1 string from 6P as either 6PP (mid follow-up) or 6P6P (high follow-up) (1:25)
PP2KK and PP2K2K are now delayable (1:28)
A new wakeup attack as P+K, feet towards, face up (1:40), (1:53)

KK and all variants now do a low-to-ground launch / bound (2:01)
While Standing/Rising K now connects with lower airborne opponents (2:02) allowing for combos such as this.

236K now has a bound property on NH and CH (2:27)
214P does the final hit of 4PPP as a standalone move (2:52)

A new combo throw on BT opponents, as 4T,P / 6T,P (4:13)

A lot of the moveset additions were suggestions from this video by @JAG THE GEMINI

Ein's costume in this video was a collaboration with @Mark Of Blades
(Jann Lee's purple outfit was also made by Mark Of Blades )

Thanks for watching!
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