[DOA2++ MOD] Gen Fu Edited Moveset (Time Attack)

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Aug 15, 2019 at 2:07 AM
Posted by usagiZ
Time attack with Gen Fu's edited moveset.
Life Gauge set to Largest, Difficulty set to Normal.
Gen Fu was a little tricky to edit, since I was hesitant to mess with his existing tools.
He was buffed quite a bit as a result of switching over his old properties to the new 2++ standard.

He's got his multiple string enders from the later games after PP (0:11)

3KP6P (and all variants) does a low-to-ground launch/bound (0:21)

Like Leon and Bass, he now has a psuedo air throw (0:31)

P+K6P (and P+KPP) strings from newer games (0:44)

33P does a sitdown on CH, and a ground bounce on crouching foes on CH (1:26)
3P+K evades all strikes during startup, but is vulerable to throws up until the active frames of the hitbox. (1:54)

64P does a bound on CH (2:42)

214PPPP is a new string inspired by Eliot's Fatal Rush in DOA6 (3:02)
It's useful as a half-wall combo finisher because of the custom hitboxes (5:05)

The costume in this video is based on his DOA1 default costume, specifically the Sega Saturn version.

Thanks for watching!
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