DOA5(PS3®) HAYABUSA (APA) vs KASUMI (automatique)

Thanks for the suggestions! And yes I was on autopilot in that match, so a lot of damage was lost.A nd the 6P+K was a mistake, need to work on that. I'm waiting to fight all of you!
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Why do you keep backing off when they're on the ground or against the wall? You should never let them outta the corner or wall. That's where she's deadly. When they're on the ground, You should either:
A. Time a wake kick & make them whiff with 9P+K to get their back turn & then capitalize
B. Time a 46H or 1H or even 3H for a guaranteed juggle.

You also autopilot to the point that you missed a ton of potential dmg.

Tenryuga told you the rest so, nothing else. But other than that, you did fine.
Is there push back from the wake up kicks now? The second kick didnt always connect.
No Izuna drops? That Ryu has no real super-sand.
Anyway, nice use of Kasumi's unholdable attacks. Can't say more than that. I play a super-scrubby Kasumi. =\
This wasn't that bad. I only have two criticisms. The first is after a CB 33K and 236P are better launchers than 3H+K. 33K has quite a few juggles but the juggle for 236P is PKK7K 6P+K KK. Also you used the same setup 90 percent of the time. 6PK, 1PP, CB. It's great that it worked but here's where I noticed an issue: you even did 6P+K when the stun threshold wasn't at the max and when your opponent was clearly throwing out random holds that should have been 33T or 236T'ed which shows that you are sort of auto-piloting combos. You have to get out of that habit quickly because then you become predictable. She has other moves that will connect off 6PK on a counter hit. I also suggest making more use out of H+K and 4H+K. Hit training mode and figure out which points during a stun you can connect with these moves so you can hit with them more often. That's all I have to say sorry for the huge wall of text lol. You did fine; lol I wish I could show you how you used to play compared to how you play now. You've definitely improved despite needing to work on a few things.


Feb 11, 2013 at 12:22 AM
Posted by ErickBello
As I'm the Kasumi player on this vid... I'll say:
Oh God too many mistakes here!
Dominican DOA matches.
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