DOA5LR - Dragon Guide Followup #7: Meaties in DOA?!

The frame manipulation is great in DOA eh? Really good stuff here dude!
a little bit of creativity on a basic concept and boom! that's why we love doa. good stuff sir.


Nov 22, 2017 at 4:02 PM
Posted by Darkslay
Welcome back, nerds!

Today things are going to get a little crazier than usual, as I go through an insane way for you to maximize your move properties and throw your opponents for a loop. Not for the faint hearted, or those not very knowledgeable in the field of frames.

Dogeslay was dumb and forgot to thank Dogeks for basically giving me the idea of making this whole thing in the first place. Head over to eks2009's channel for more delicious content:

Check out F.O.N's Frame Data trilogy to get a better undertsanding of the subject matter of this video:

Check out the full Dragon Guide for an in-depth breakdown of Jann Lee in DOA5LR.

Also check out the general Jann Lee discussion thread hosted on FreeStepDodge for more information, debate and updates.

Thank you again for watching.

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