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Dec 18, 2016 at 3:44 AM
Posted by Radiance
If you manage to knockdown utilizing 6F+K with Eliot, 1pp leads to an unholdable setup, if they're hitting buttons or attempt to SS they'll be stunned and of course Eliot has a variety of options from BT. If they block you can free cancel, and of course after 1pp you have a few options, neither imo are good, 1ppk is unsafe but tracks, 1pp2k is a low, but does not stun on NH and is unsafe. Free Canceling would be the best option into BT2K which gives a light stun for frame advantage, BTK5 a tracking high that's -2 on block (turns 7p into a i11 frametrap). that leads to a FT if there is no immediate tech.

On the force tech side, 1p is a pseudo tech. They can continue to lay on the ground, or get up, so try not to whiff 1pp. After 1p pseudo tech (if you have the reactions) you can delay, if they continue to lay on the ground followup with 1pp2k and tech them up. If they tech after 1p pseudo, free cancel for pressure.
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