DOA5LR - Floaty Jello Alpha #4 Tag (It's MAHVEL)

Those tag combos are extreme to the MAXXX!!
I like those with Pai and Naotora, clever way to keep juggles up.
Haha nicely done and well executed !
Best Combo Video ever
Eventually you'll run out of ways to break the game. But until then I'll enjoy the show.

(Anarchy Reigns... nice)


Apr 4, 2016 at 3:26 AM
Posted by DestructionBomb
Silly tag physics once more and converting Alpha to some sort of magical balloon.

Note: All the attacks around the end have been done on fastest stagger as well as reaction set to fully block. Feel free to try them, they work.

Other details to know:

1) Pai - Pai's 16T > 66H+K (:1::4::H+P: > :6::6::H+K: - 2:28) - Guaranteeds a CB for the entire roster on Hi-Counter if paired up with Pai. (This means that if the opponent holds once and you perform this throw along with the guaranteed sitdown into the burst, you are guaranteed free damage of any sort.)

2) Akira/Sarah (4:22) - The last hit after the burst can be held. (4PP+K)

3) Akira/Naotora (4:41 - 4:42) - Guaranteed.

The purpose of the video was for humor & enjoyment with the juggles. You can continue playing the Tag mode if you wish to do so. Also this will be the last Alpha juggles video via any tag mode related.


1) Max Anarchy - I Know U Want Me
2) Max Anarchy - Here We Go

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