DOA5LR HITOMI/HELENA (Force of Nature) vs MILA. Featuring SUPER HITOMI! =D

Yeah lol, that was a habit carried over from previous versions of DOA5 that I stuck with. AngryWorm used to use Hitomi's 3H+K as a space control tool when he was still playing thanks to its relatively quick recovery. Hitomi's 6H+K is actually pretty amazing. It's a -2 on block, tracking mid kick with solid range and highly delayable follow-ups with 6H+KK being safe on block too. Very good ranged poke if spaced correctly.

As for Helena, I've been lost for the past while trying to figure her out. I tried looking at how Yurlungur played her against me and did note that 236PKP is only -2 on block making it a frame trap (though Helena's jab is very meh lol). But I do agree that the third hit can become a liability easily. 236PK is a decent free-cancel too from what I've seen. From neutral it feels like I'm running shenanigans about the half the time when I'm playing her. 1PP's a pretty good frame-1 high crush along with 4P, though safety's always a fairly big issue with anything done with Helena, especially compared to someone like Hitomi. Thanks for the feedback KING JAIMY!
Pretty good plays here. I do not excel at Hitomi or Helena by any means but I'll leave feedback regardless.

You have a decent Hitomi. 1P's are used well, saw proper throw punishment (although that isn't Hitomi specific) and nice whiff punishment overall. Follow up from 6T was good (a safe tracking kick) even though it was blocked. 3H+K was usually placed well too. Be careful though, as it is unsafe as of 5LR. Honoka's version dodged the bullet but Hitomi's is made unsafe.

Your Helena isn't too bad, contrary to what you claim. I agree it's kinda awkward to play Helena's neutral game and perhaps you can ask a few Helena players for what they do. It's a shame my friend Pictured Mind doesn't play DOA anymore as far as I know, because he plays Helena really well. Also, you might want to avoid using 1PP and 236PKP too much as it is held easily on reaction by a competent player.


Dec 10, 2015 at 2:11 AM
Posted by Force_of_Nature
Introducing SUPER HITOMI =D! OSU! *Cheers & applause!* And my scrubby Helena... *crickets*. Well actually this is just a couple casual matches with a relatively newer player in my scene in the process of learning Mila, so I decided to try out a couple subs. I'm ok with Hitomi for the most part but I'm pretty much lost with Helena. Feels really weird trying to play neutral with her. Unintuitive as hell. Any tips (for any of the characters featured) would be appreciated. Cheers!
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