DOA5LR: How to deal with Hayabusa's WR 4K and its follow-ups (#1)

Thank you samuraihachi. I have tons of ideas so more vids will definitely come!
This is great! A series like this with little bits of easily consumable information will really bring out the understanding of all characters!
Nice one Darkslay keep the helpful stuff coming!
Awesome stuff! Its also worth noting you can beat out WR 4K P with an attack up to 15 frames and get a strike punish on Ryu after parrying WR 4K K, Jann Lee for example can do a 6K for a guaranteed launch after his special Dragon Counter.
You're welcome! If you or other people have any requests I can do those first too so feel free to drop any suggestions. :)
This is some very useful stuff! I'm looking forward to more videos from this series! ^_^


Nov 9, 2015 at 10:42 AM
Posted by KING JAIMY
In this video I will show you how to deal with Hayabusa's WR 4K and its optional follow-ups. Have any questions? Feel free to ask them in the comment section!

Music: Evolution [DOA4 Training Mode Theme]
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