DOA5LR: Jacky Combo Video [Maximum Damage Combos]

It's cool man. FSK x 2, P+KP, 7K does about 5 more points of damage than FSK, P+KP, 1P+KPK. Once again, great work. This will definitely be helpful for those that want to pick up Jacky.
Awesome work man, the hype was totally worth it :)
@samuraihachi - Ah, I was not aware of this. Anyway this was mainly to show what Jacky is capable of. Thanks for the compliments by the way.

@ToKyo PewPew - Thanks for the compliment! ^^
For Alpha wallsplat combos, you can also go for FSK x 2, P+KP, 7K or FSK x 3, 1P+KPP. Great video man. Especially on those heavy weight combos. Loved it.
Jacky wants to be a ninja, according to his clothes.

And a rockstar, according to his fingers while performing a combo:

or spiderman ...

Just joking ... good work Jaimy^^
Yes, I already know that Jacky's Flash Sword Kick is basically the equivalent of Akira's knee for hardness and importance in his moveset.
Good luck Kronin! First thing you should learn is the Flash Sword Kick. It's Jacky's hardest but most important move.
I just realized now that you added a precise notation of your combos even in your correlated tread, this is great! Now I've no excuse for not making another attempt to learn better Jacky at least on DoA5LR xD
@Kronin - Thanks I appreciate your compliments :)
Awesome showcasing of Jacky's combo and clear division of it inside the video: very good job King Jaimy! =)


Apr 24, 2015 at 7:47 AM
Posted by KING JAIMY
I made this Jacky Combo Video to show his maximum damage potential in various situations.

The topics I’m covering in this video are:
- LV 1 Combo
- LV 2 Combo
- LV 3 Combo
- CB Combo
- Wall Combo
- Wall CB Combo

I will go through each of these topics four times – one cycle for each main weight class (featherweight, lightweight, middleweight and super heavyweight). The grand finale will be a no-timing Universal Power Launcher Combo! This brings the total amount of combos in this video to 25 combos. :)

I left the Fight Details box open, because the combo video has a special foucs on maximum damage combos and thus I thought would be useful to see the actual damage output in the video. The setups are performed on Normal Hit and all pre-launch setups and pre-CB setups can not be slow escaped.

For further details about combo notations, as well as additional information about damage output on Counter Hit and Hi-Counter Hit, please check out this thread:

Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!
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