@Brute I told you this bitch hits to hard for what she is.
Awesome. And the guy really likes her tiger costume so much huh??
An apologetic cliffhanger move D:
Her moveset looks fun though, I'll definitely try her out. Also, I agree about her theme, can't wait to hear the full version xD
Why does she net so much fucking damage? Are her openers and speed really so lacking to warrant that?
Oh my gosh, she looks like so much mashy fun! :D I legit can't wait! :3 Her Cliffhanger move looked freaking hilarious! XD Also, from what I heard; LOVING her theme! ♥
Do I see a guaranteed CB sitdown? Same stun animation as Christie's 214P. :3
And I'm sitting here like "When are they going to make Pai's 66H+K a relauncher move again?"
Jokes aside, good find!
Good to know weight class doesn't seem to hinder her juggles at all. :/


Mar 11, 2016 at 11:10 AM
Posted by Rath_Aus
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