DOA5LR: Pai (payne) vs Akira (Verity)

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Oct 5, 2015 at 2:12 AM
Posted by Radiance
GT: XOF Verity 105
KIK: SurrenderX

I think this match is slightly in Akira's favor having his 9H parry to shut down Pai's 2p/5P game. Nevertheless, I still don't like Pai due to her mixup potential and MUST hold stun situations (She just has so many lift and unshakeable stuns mix in with her throw game). I'm honestly surprised I won this game since we both made several mistakes but I'll point them out:

In the beginning Payne saw a few of my matches, and Pai I believe beats akira in the neutral start up. She has a i9 jab, i11 mid; thus if I 2p her 6p stuns and her jab beats mine: Best option is to bait his jabs and parry, if 6p hits me on NH i'm still good and +. He saw a few of my matches before and baited the parry so good stuff. 0:48 he was throwing out attacks out of reach and leaving his back open so I went for the hail mary 666p; I attempted the oki off the wall splat and mixed leaving me open to guess the wake up.

Around 1:26 I think he would have won if he went for the guaranteed damage. He went for 64P+G into ppk and noted that he did that same set up around 0:31 so I held the lift stun and avoided the 50/50

2:19 was a epic fail; I went for 2p on NH which is plus so my 5p would have beat him out turning the momentum in my favor... But I SS'ed? shit was retarded
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