DOA5LR: Raidou (Verity) vs. Phase 4

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Sep 11, 2015 at 11:44 PM
Posted by Radiance
Raidou, I wasn't too amused with this character when the game launched, but I ended up playing him when LR came out. This is a character I can only play on arcade stick like Akira. I didn't like him when I first started playing; his spacing, his speed, frames, just ew.. But he actually has some really amazing tool. His 2p makes up for alot and if you can get a stun it's really easy to force 50/50's and get some big damage since most his deep stuns cannot be SE'ed. Although he has really deranged and horrible movement, his quick range are great for whiff punishing and landing hard knockdowns so he can get some momentum. It is difficult though face to face with i9'ers
GT: XOF Verity 105
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