DOA5U EIN vs AYANE (Force of Nature)

Well you can try Marie Rose out. If you don't mind learning her Expert Holds, then you might like using her.
That's what makes her worth learning.
Momiji: rushdown w/ range
Ein: zoning and heavy damage
Marie: defense and close quarters engagement
Haha. Ayane vs. Ein is a MU of Patience vs, Patience. I know that you like dem Deathfists O_O! And nah dude, you don't need to learn Marie Rose, Ein & Momiji suit your style well. Marie has, like, no range in comparison.
Dat turtle match-up. My single strike vs your 1000-cuts. Never gets old.

Still, gotta try and learn the trolli.
They play on XBL. iHajin occasionally plays on PSN. Do you want any tips on playing Ayane?
oh well that sucks T^T are haijin and gill hustle on psn?
Hajin and Gill Hustle are better than me King Edo. My original mentor in Vanilla, XDest, had a godly Ayane before he quit at the end of 2012.
Im Trying to figure out who's the best Ayane, you, rev or xmed ._.


Mar 13, 2014 at 4:25 PM
Posted by Force_of_Nature
A sparring match with an offline friend in 270 HP. TORIYAH!
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