DOA5U - Jacky Combo Video Exhibition

Awesome work man! Really like the PL combo on the show ! lol I'm glad to see more people showcasing content. In fact I was planning on holding back till LR but this has inspired me to possibly make at least one more vid ;) .. Great job!
Aww. Well I know I'm not ready to slam into another character just yet. I'll put Jacky as a maybe character I wanna learn.
@DoANoob: I'd say Jacky is easy to pick up, hard to master. Everyone can do basic combos with Jacky, but if you wanna do advanced stuff like in this video you have to consistently nail his dreaded 'Flash Sword Kick'. That took me (and possibly many others) much patience and practice.
Jacky looks like an easy character(plz tell me I'm wrong, cuz this VF character looks interesting and I don't want to be interested...^^")
Ooohhhh okay I see what u mean now I have plenty of stuff for pai just like this lol
Great work, this was an awesome showcasing of combo! I would love to use in a so great way Jacky (even in VF5FS too)! :D
Great job! Too bad we can't see the damage though. :)


Dec 25, 2014 at 3:11 AM
Posted by DestructionBomb
A combo exhibition with Jacky Bryant. This is not a tutorial or a guide for what's being shown here. This is only for enjoyment & showcasing.


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