DOA6 - Advanced Guide Tutorial - Session #15 REACTIVE STRING HOLDING

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Jun 24, 2019 at 4:03 AM
Posted by Force_of_Nature
Dead or Alive 6's fifteenth session of the advanced guide looks at reactive string holding in DOA6. The key to reactive string holding is to consistently hold a follow-up in a telegraphed string to force the opponent to either cut the string short prematurely with a free cancel or to try and mix things up better (thus discouraging them from autopiloting their offense and extending more mental resources to applying their offense).

The record function is training mode is a great tool for familiarizing yourself with your opponent character's strings (which can be learned by either going through that character's command list, or going through their command training). As a shortcut, you can press the touch pad (or whatever is the equivalent on your system such as a select button) + left on the d-pad to record then touch pad + right to replay the recording. up + touch pad stops the recording and reverts the dummy to neutral.

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For Directional Notation:

7 8 9

4 5 6

1 2 3

Each number represents the corresponding direction. 1 for "Down-Back", 9 for "Up-Forward", 5 for "Neutral" or no input, etc. Quarter-Circle Back = 214, Quarter-Circle Forward = 236, Half-Circle Back = 63214, Half-Circle Forward = 41236, etc.

For Input commands:

P = Punch
K = Kick
H = Hold/Guard Button
T = Throw Button
S = Special Button
P+K = Strong punch
H+K = Strong Kick
H+P = Alternate Way to Input "Throw"
H+P+K = Alternate Way to Input "S"

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