Easy max damage Phase 4 PL combos when next to wall


Feb 21, 2017 at 11:44 PM
Posted by KasumiLover
As we all know Phase is notorious for her long damaging combos and I was in training mode trying to find her most damaging PL combos, but then I wondered what combos would be possible if I was forced near a wall and couldn't use set moves due to a wallsplat? This video is basically the results of my findings, in here you will find the max damage combos for featherweight, lightweight, medium weight, an heavyweight classes, all combos are relatively simple to do and I'd hope are practical XD I excluded cruiser weights however due to the fact that the combos that work on light an mediums will also work on them. I hope this helps, I myself was very amused and happy at how much damage she can still achieve when limited due to a wallsplat risk! :-D

If you find more damaging ones then I apologize, but these should be the highest damage since I spent quite a bit of time trying to surpass the max damage I found with different move combinations that were possible. Cheers!~

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