I see. Well, at least an excuse for me why I got bodied xD

Nah, joke^^
because his style with Ein, probably the best Ein in Europe!
How did you know that it was him? I guess you noticed on his style^^
And thanks!
but great matches ! Yes a Tekken player JuliaChangisdabest lol
Great games and this is horrible for me to say but every time I watch a P4 x Ein I imagine Kasumi and Hayate watching feeling sorry for them. :(

He's a Tekken player, right? Where do you know him from? A friend of yours?
I know this player :D
The first round when phase4 is defeated is so un-hype the way she dies but screams like she got raped by an elephant is just too funny.


Jul 14, 2014 at 12:59 AM
Posted by tokiopewpew
Some fights I had with an unknown Ein player. Got bodied and had some input errors with teleport enders at the beginning, but it was still a great set^^
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