Lost World is amazing. It has water, cliffs, breakable objects, and walls. The only thing it needs is a ceiling.
Gourmagon- Alpha gets 189dmg hiC BURST off a cliff and she doesn't even have to be as close to the edge as Hayabusa
It's really not either one of those things. Each cliff is a +40 drop (cliffs in other stages are typically +30), so in Ryu's case you just add 40 damage to his Izunas as you would with any standard juggle or combo that sends them flying off. An izuna is 80 NH, 120 HiC, so 120 + 40 = 160. Nothing weird going on there.
ahhh okay brute. I see why a lot of people say Lost World is broken/Srubby.
Goarmagon: No. A HiC Izuna off of the Lost World cliffs nets 160 damage. So on default/Normal 300 life setting, it's still over half of a full health bar.

Puño de Leyenda: Those were my two favorite parts as well! Something about that hop made it all work so well.
Two things:
1.)Absolutely loved 1:26-1:30
2.) 2:27-2:31 Izuna is Love. Izuna is Life. :)
wait what!? was that a 240 health lobby?
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