Help? KOKORO vs HAYABUSA (LahsVeo)

What for a low n do. And do 9k thats works wonders for me
You really could try the expert mid-punch hold, since that stuff is so telegraphed, but I guess you never want to assume you have to hold out of what essentially is neutral. But it'd be worth having in your pocket.
That "strong option against run-up elbows" I'm going to assume is the Rekko-Izuna (mid-punch expert hold), or the ongyoin parry.
Definately agree about teh crushing as well. At 0:57 I was just like "damnit!"
You're right about 7P. It's tough because this Kokoro isn't even using the full options you can use to close the space. You pretty much would have to get used to the cancel or have a particularly strong option against run up elbows, which I'm not sure Busa does? However, I would still try canceling, because I suspect none of Kokoro's run ups are going to be too awful. (Honestly, your amateur Kokoro player will telegraph what they're trying to do pretty hard on run-up, hahaha)

Doug is also right that you're kinda being crushed out (Kokoro has a lot of tools to do that). Finding something that might pressures from mid effectively would do wonders. She also just caught a lot of errant holds; never be afraid to take the extra damage until you can fish out an attack you are more certain you can hold! (And they're often mid obvious mid punches)
Both those problems are magnified online, for sure.
And thanks.
Seriously, i block but its like she's never at a disadvantage. I also find it hard to hold while blocking. But good luck with your Ryu.
Sarah can really be brutal with that offensive pressure, especially if you're a slower character. Even on block she can just keep going and going...
But yeah, the new sidestep is great, and makes it a much more viable option. Ryu's SS, K is great, too, and can even cause a bounce. I really need to work it into my game more.
Haha no i get it. At SCR, i lost to Sarah, and one thing i learned was, why didnt a side step. I just forgot. And since sidestepping got buffed its even better now. But im still learning how to sidestep better too. I never know when to keep side stepping, side step block or side step attack to interrupt.
The patch is wonderful for Hayabusa, which makes this even more pitiful. xD

Sidestepping... why the hell didn't I think of that? I use it against Kasumi and Mila, but for some reason it didn't occur to me with Kokoro despite her having so few tracking moves. Thanks, man! I gotta try that.
Yeah i noticed Kokoros mids beat out your highs a lot. As a Helena player i know it sucks to be slow, especially when the opponent is using mids, so i cant crush them. I normally just block or keep a good distance. I also noticed you didnt side step which is great against Kokoro who i think is kinda linear. But sorry i cant offer much help, i suck at fighting against kokoro and i know nothing about Busa.

But how do you like the patch for Busa so far?


Jan 31, 2013 at 7:18 PM
Posted by Brute
I uploaded this video not to demonstrate my skill, but rather lack of it. Allow me to explain...

A decent Kokoro but far from a master and I still got my ass handed to me. Even after the patch Kokoro is still one of my most difficult opponents. So I thought I'd ask you guys: What am I doing wrong?

I know one thing is that muscle memory and habit wants me to avoid the wake-up game and get some distance from her fast hits. But I keep using 7P which 1) Makes me prone to Kokoro's killer mid-punch lurches & 2) Gets me stuck in ongyoin. Sure I can cancel it, but that gives her time to run up and throw or whatever she really wants to do.

So: advice, please?
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