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Apr 1, 2022 at 1:10 PM
Posted by NyaMiyamaFighter
I wish it didn't take me so long to realize my perspective of these games was not correct. They truly are very well made. I'm so happy :D
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Fooled ya! At least, I hope I did :p I've never been prepared for April 1st before. Heehee. Pranks are fun.

But now, as promised, I will tell you what I sincerely like about both games instead of my usual ranting.
*DOA5: While rivaled by DOA6, this is the best looking DOA game, in my opinion. DOA4 was too shiny. 5 has more of a matte finish type of look. In 2U and the other DOAs before 5, the women kind of look like dolls.

-They nerfed Hitomi's forsaken low sweeps and most low sweeps in general. They were broken in every Dead or Alive game before 5. She only gets +2 at close range and +3 frame advantage from farther away. Some characters still maintain lows that are too good however.

-Best story mode in DOA so far. 6's is enjoyable to me as well, but it seemed very rushed and messy. I adore cutscenes.

-The ending song that plays during the credits. One of my favorite songs of all time. Lovely.

-In replay mode, you can press the select button while the characters are doing their intros, so that the length of the match isn't shown at all. In DOA6, you have to wait until the match begins to make it disappear.

-Cliffhangers are awesome! The power blow was awesome! The power launcher was awesome! The special power blow activated danger zones were awesome! Truly fighting entertainment (aside from the gameplay itself, unfortunately).

-In training mode, aside from fight details, you could also have your move list displayed on the screen so that you don't have to keep going back to the move list on the pause menu. Can't do this in 6.

-The entire English cast is perfect. Some of the voice replacements in DOA6, like Rig, are not so great however.

-The addition of custom character and stage random selection is great.

-Online "training" mode was helpful to teach newcomers what they are doing wrong. Removed in DOA6.

-If you had a keyboard, you could type longer messages than with a controller. Removed in DOA6.

-Better "you lose" animations and defeat quotes. The beginning of them were cut from 6, so we don't know what they say before they start panting due to fatigue.

-Sidestep mechanic added, although not as useful as it should be.

-The graphics are hit and a miss. The colors are vibrant and the quality of textures look enhanced. But some of the lighting effects and mouth movements are cringey.

-I appreciate the option to use 3-way holds. But it only makes the game more fun when fighting Rig and a few others. Grapplers like Tina become more broken.

-Custom costume customization slots are cool.

-DOA Quest missions are nice addition for new players.

-Automatic replay saving is convenient. But... on pc it can make the game crash after a match ends. You also can't delete an automatically saved replay unless you first save it to manual replays, which is tedious.

-The new Break and Fatal systems are interesting. I like the idea, but they need a lot more polish.

-Being able to change the graphics settings for slower pc's is cool.

-Titles are back from DOA5, but I wish they were more noticeable.

-When lobbies launched, I liked the fact that if you do not press A in time when you're up next, you lose your place in line. They changed this because people were complaining about it. But I don't want to fight an opponent who's AFK. Instead of removing it, TN could have just alerted the next player in line to get ready.

-Online "Versus" mode lets us avoid going back to the lobby after each game. Great addition. I just wish it saved your win/loss score like Kumite does.

-The loser of the match is still present on the winner's victory screen.

-Slightly shorter stun durations. Still too long tho.

-Fatal Rushes look cool.

-The sidestep attack is better now. But it's overpowered at the moment.

I have no more characters left to write more :( lol
But the full version of the games and all the dlc to support the developers. But MOST importantly, voice your opinion to Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo so we can get more DOA6 patches and a DOA7.

Read my pinned comment.
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